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FLO Cycling app review: a source of all things cycling related



If you're passionate about cycling then you likely want to keep up on all the latest news and happenings. The FLO Cycling app provides you with a one-stop solution to all your cycling inquiries. Here you can read up on the latest news from a variety of cycling and triathlon news publishers. Instead of spending time searching around on the Internet at a variety of sites why not streamline the process and find it all in one location.

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FLO Cycling


Convenient Access

It's incredible how much time we can waste searching online for news and information when if there was just a streamlined way to do it we'd save all kinds of time. Well think of the FLO Cycling app as a solution to that problem as you are able to find all the top news stories from a list of publishers that are Triathlete, Ironman, FLO Cycling, Velo News, Road Bike Action, and

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With this app all the research and work has been done for you when it comes to locating the news so you can just relax and enjoy reading through the content. The articles are all downloaded immediately after being uploaded on the RSS feed of the publisher so you are getting up-to-date information at all times.


Reading Through The Content

It seems like users could not possibly be happier with this app, which says a whole lot about it. They love that everything has been pulled together for them and delivered in a user-friendly manner. Not only does it save them a ton of time but it also ensures they actually get to see the news because when you are doing the research on your own you are bound to miss items. The articles can each be shared with your friends and family through email, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also mark items as favorites so you can quickly go back and view them again at any time.

I find almost everything about the app impressive. For me one of the first things that pops out is just how incredible the photos/images look. The quality of them is outstanding and really adds to the experience. When reading through the content you have the ability to also adjust the font for a more comfortable reading experience. You can do a keyword search that looks through the whole site or you can view information sorted by section. There are plenty of ways the app works to create a user-friendly atmosphere and experience.


FLO Cycling


Pros and Cons


  • Culminates key cycling content from a variety of publishers
  • Stories can be shared by social media and email
  • Mark content as favorite
  • Content loads incredibly fast
  • User-friendly design



  • You end up wanting even more from this app as it is just so beautiful, perhaps more publishers


Final Thoughts

The FLO Cycling app makes it possible for people to stay on top of all the current cycling-related news through one convenient app. The app features a beautiful user interface that is both fun and easy to use.


FLO Cycling

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