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Parcel - Delivery tracking app review: track your shipments



If you have scheduled a shipment then you will obviously want to be able to track it and know exactly when it is set to arrive. The Parcel - Delivery tracking app gives you a way to track all your important shipments from 200 of the most popular delivery services. Track parcels being sent by FedEx, USPS, UPS, TNT, DHL, and a whole lot more. Having one app that will work for a huge array of delivery services means you will be saving time and hassle.

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Parcel - Delivery Tracking


Never Question a Delivery

With this app there is no need to question the status of your delivery because you will be able to check on it yourself and get instant answers. Are you curious if your item has left the warehouse, are you wondering where exactly it is, when it should be arriving? Get all these answers right through this app.

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The way the app works is that tracking data is actually collected by the app's servers. In order to get information on your package you can use barcode scanning on both your iPad and iPhone devices. In order to add a new delivery the process is quick and simple thanks to the automatic recognition feature.

You will be able to receive push notifications on your parcel between the hours of 8am to 10pm. If you'd rather not receive these you can always turn the feature off. The app allows you to receive notifications for up to three parcels at the same time, if you want to track more than that you will need to upgrade to the premium subscription available for $1.99 for one year.


Tracking Your Parcels

When it comes to tracking your parcels the process is quick and simple. You are actually able to locate your parcel on a map, which is really cool. The barcode scanning will ensure your package begins visible to you. The app gives you the ability to use a password to protect the information. Users are incredibly impressed with the app, its features and functions, and its accuracy. Many seem to have purchased the one year subscription and rave about the great value it offers.

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If you ever want to edit a particular delivery this is no problem at all. Even when you enter in a brand new delivery if you choose to do so manually a list of possible couriers shows up on the screen.


Parcel - Delivery Tracking


Pros and Cons


  • Track parcels being sent by over 200 different delivery services
  • Supports barcode scanning of parcel
  • View where you parcel currently is on a map
  • Receive push notifications regarding your parcel
  • A password can be used on the app



  • You are only able to track three parcels at one time
  • Isn’t yet able to support every worldwide courier


Final Words

The Parcel – Delivery tracking app provides a very convenient service for those who make use of courier services on a regular basis. It’s easy to use, incredibly accurate, and results show up almost instantly.


Parcel - Delivery Tracking

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