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Teach Me Toddler app review: sticker rewards are fun



Teach Me Toddler is a multiple choice learning app that uses repetition with both visual and auditory senses to help your toddler learn basic numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and more. You can select the subject matter for your child to practice with, and the level of difficulty. You can also have more than one child profile in the app so that each child gets a personalized experience based on their prior experience, what they have mastered, and so on.

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TeachMe: Toddler


Learning is Fun

Teach Me Toddler is one of the very first apps I downloaded when I got my iPhone in the summer of 2011. My then three year old, took to it immediately, listening to the description and following the instructions. For example, the app would say “touch the blue circle” and she would have to find it to earn stickers. There are many stickers to choose from, and many different backgrounds on to which your child can place them.

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One thing I have found is that without supervision, she becomes more interested in attaining the sticker than taking the time to learn. This leads to guessing and me having to sit with her to refocus. Honestly, if your child is no longer focused, give the learning a break, even if it is a great fun game.


Toddler Leveled

Teach Me Toddler is leveled to a toddler. This means that rather than having to earn several correct answers as the higher levels of Teach Me require for a reward, your toddler only has to get one, and they are rewarded.  This works very well until they start guessing to get that instant reward!

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The stickers range from nature, to Disney-like, to animals, and more. I am very impressed with the amount of stickers the developers included in the galleries. There are also six different easels with backgrounds for your child to choose from. There is a beach scene, an underwater scene, a pirate shipwreck scene, a city scene, a farm scene, and a playground park scene. Stickers can be chosen to match the scene, or to be silly and have fun.


TeachMe: Toddler


Pros & Cons


  • Learning of both upper case and lower case letters
  • Learning of shapes
  • Learning of colours
  • Learning of numbers and counting
  • Learning of beginner phonics
  • Sticker rewards with a variety of options both in the sticker and the background on which it is placed



  • Repetition for too long may lead to guessing so watch your child when they are using this app


Final Thoughts

I have been watching my daughter use Teach Me Toddler along with the Teach Me Kindergarten for more than two years. It has really supplemented her learning, and would be useful in a classroom setting as you can save up to 40 profiles with the image of the student and their name.


TeachMe: Toddler

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