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Encircle: Home Inventory app review: build a photographic inventory of your home furnishings, artwork, jewelry, appliances, electronics and more 2021



With its incredibly simple step-by-step cataloging process, and the ability to photographically inventory all of your household belongings, this household inventory app will provide everything you need to document and catalog all of your possessions with ease.

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If you’re the kind of person who has a great deal of valuable assets that you would like to catalog so that you have a clear, photographic record, I think that Encircle home inventory app will suit you perfectly.

I’m particularly impressed by the step-by-step cataloging process, as this Encircle inventory app really makes the whole experience so much easier and less tedious. This is a fantastic inventory tracker app which definitely receives a very strong recommendation from me!



Create a Home Inventory in Three Simple Steps

When you first start using Encircle: Home Inventory, you’ll need to begin by creating a user account. I’m a little disappointed by the absence of an option for registering by using your Facebook account, but it is probably wiser to keep your household inventory self-contained.

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Once you’ve submitted your email address and specified a password, you’ll immediately be taken to the cataloging process which has just three simple steps.

The first thing you’ll need to do is add a property, which you can assign a specific name to or choose from options such as Apartment, Condo, Townhouse, Vacation Home, and so on. From here, it’s time to add your first room.

Create a Home Inventory in Three Simple Steps image

Export Your Inventory to Create a Backup

At this stage, you can begin adding photographs of your property if you choose, but let’s skip this step and add a room. Again, you can either specify your own room names or choose from preset options such as Attic, Basement, Bedroom, Dining Room, and so on.

This step also encourages you to take photos from the corners of the room so that you can more effectively capture all of the contents. Encircle enables you to take photos from directly within the app, so this is a very straightforward step.

Adding assets to your home works in a very similar way, and once this is done you can begin specifying how many assets you have in each room, and what their total estimated value is.

Export Your Inventory to Create a Backup image



Pros and Cons


  • Build a photographic inventory of your household possessions
  • Create individual entries for homes, rooms, and assets
  • Specify the value of your assets for each room individually
  • Export your records via email


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Encircle: Home Inventory is an absolute must-have app for those of you who have some valuable items in your home. It's one of the best home inventory apps for the iOS.

If you have a large number of items to record that could be quite time-consuming, but the developer has done a brilliant job of trimming down the time and mental energy required to take on such a task.

Forget paper records because you can create a digital catalog of your items, back it up via email, and then print out copies as and when you need to.


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