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Bills Monitor for iPad app review: easily and quickly manage your bills 2021



When it comes to bills they can really start to pile up which makes it rather easy for some to be forgotten. The Bills Monitor for iPad budgeting app gives you a way to keep track and monitor all your bills so you don't even have to worry about late payments again.

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This is a full feature iPad and iPhon budgeting app that lets you set reminders that allow you to carry about your day knowing when something is due, you will be reminded. It’s about lifting the stress and worry off your shoulders.

Check out our Bills Monitor for iPad app review for more details about this good budgeting app for iPhone and iPad users.

Bills Monitor Pro for iPad


Saving You Time and Hassle

Keeping track of bills and upcoming payments doesn't have to be confusing or time consuming if you have the proper tools. This app acts are you personal assistant in a sense of bill tracking and managing. All you have to do is add your bills then you can track them and set the reminders.

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While there are plenty of features here worth touching on it's also important to note how smooth and sleek the user interface is. Everything has a very tidy appearance to it, which just adds to the overall organized feel of the app. The functions are easy to use and find so you aren’t spending time figuring the app out.

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An Extensive Feature List

As noted there are plenty of features here that are worth mentioning all of which add to the usefulness of this app.

View your bills on a calendar so you can get a quick look at what's coming up, reminders can be set for when a bill is coming up or even overdue, and customize the reminder time/sound/date of each individual bill.

When it comes to adding in your bills you can choose to set a category for it, whether it is recurring or not, the due date, the account you will be paying from, mark it paid/or partially, and there is room for notes.

If you need to be able to share your financial records with your personal banker or consultant you can email the information by PDF, HTML, or CSV. If you need to search for something in particular search by account, category, note, name, or keyword.

There is also a passcode you can set on the app so your information remains safe, secure, and private. The app does support restore and iCloud Backup and you will have the ability to view your bill history.

An Extensive Feature List image

Bills Monitor Pro for iPad


Pros and Cons


  • Feature packed app
  • User-friendly design
  • Supports iCloud backup and restore
  • View your bill history
  • Search for bills by keywords, category, name, or account
  • Set reminders and use customization tools in them


  • Users would like to see a few more tools and customization options added to make it work better for them

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

All-in-all the Bills Monitor for iPad app providers users with a quick and easy way to monitor, manage, and be reminded of all their upcoming bill payments. It’s got plenty of useful features and tools making this one a great option.

Bills Monitor Pro for iPad

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