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Happy Scale app review: your weight tracker-2021



If you're trying to lose weight then you know exactly how hard it can be and why every little bit counts as motivation to keep going. With that said, how can you tell if you're losing weight if you aren't using a weight tracker app like the happy scale app?

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The Happy Scale weight loss tracker app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to track your weight loss, track your diet, your fat loss, and more. Once you start seeing the results laid out before your eyes you’ll feel that inspiration to keep going and achieve your goals.

Happy Scale app helps you make sense of the frustrating ups and downs of weigh-ins by using mathematical analysis to make sense of your scale weights.

Happyscale app uses sophisticated math to learn the true trend of your progress. You can see what you're really losing each week. See our best weight loss apps list.

Happy Scale


Taking the Pressure Off

If you're trying to lose weight then you have enough to concentrate on then also worrying about keep track of all your stats. Not only that but Happy Scale provides you with the kind of weighing in experience you deserve - a happy one.

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If you have found you go up a pound or two from the day before then this app will make you feel much better. What it does is "smooth out your daily scale weight". What this means is that rather than worrying about that number it will display a trend line so that you can see your steady progress that you are making on a daily basis.

Weight entries can be automatically imported from toher weight tracker apps that support exporting to the Apple Health app, and a happy scale weight loss tracker will export all your weights to Apple Health so other apps can see them as well.

This is really about providing you with a simple and more accurate view of how much you've actually lost and the progress you've made over a period of time. If you find you’re hard on yourself when it comes time to weigh in, you may want to give this app a chance and look at your progress and results in a whole other way.

Taking the Pressure Off image

A Whole Lot More

The app provides you with a whole lot more than an accurate overview of your weight loss, it also helps you break up your goals into smaller and very attainable milestones. When you start breaking down your goals it just sets you on a path for success as it seems like a much smaller hurdle to jump. Instead of some giant goal you will have all kinds of small ones that seem totally realistic.

This app is free to download and use. But, in recent years, the developers have added a paid subscription service in order to get the full benefits of this app.

I have to agree with users that this app feels different in a sense that it isn't about counting calories and meals. It's a much more realistic approach to weight loss. If you’ve tried dieting in the past and had no luck, it’s time to give this app a try.

A Whole Lot More image

Happy Scale


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Is able to track a number of stats regarding weight and fat loss progress
  • Use it for free for one week


  • This is only a one-week long free trial which doesn’t give you much of a chance to see results

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Happy Scale app is unique in that it takes a different approach to tracking your weight loss goals on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. It could be just the tool you need to start losing weight today.

Happy Scale

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