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Alphabet Aquarium Early Reading Letters Adventure A to Z app review: an introduction to the alphabet



If you have a toddler who is just beginning to familiarize himself with the alphabet then it is the perfect time to offer some fun and engaging ways to learn. The Alphabet Aquarium Letters Reading Adventure A to Z app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides kids with a selection of puzzles and animations, all meant to help them with their alphabet. Learning the alphabet doesn’t have to be a chore; in fact, it can be extremely fun when it’s done in just the right way.

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Kids ABC Games: Toddler Girls & Boys Learning Free


Capture Their Attention

Your odds of success in teaching your child about the alphabet rest pretty heavily on being able to capture her attention. Toddlers are notorious for their short attention spans so even getting them to sit still for five minutes is often a challenge. This app provides them with an entertaining "letter adventure" that is offered in the form of animations and puzzle games. They will be learning their alphabet as well as working on their problem solving skills, so you’re getting a couple of benefits all tied into one neat little app.

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You will find everything in this app is kid-friendly, the graphics are bright and cheerful, and the sound effects are wonderful. All of the controls were made with kids in mind so you won't find multi-layered menus that toddlers will just get frustrated with. This is about providing them with fun educational games in an easy-to-understand package.


Using the App

As mentioned kids will have four different games to play in this app. Each works on a particular skill or area so it is advised you encourage kids to try them all out. If you find your child keeps gravitating to the same activity and you want him to learn the other skills simply turn that mode off.

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I have now played a number of the games/activities and in general it’s been a good experience. I do find sometimes the touch functionality to be a bit frustrating and not very intuitive. There are times I have to keep repeating the same action before it finally works and I would imagine for kids this will get frustrating really quickly. I like the narrator's input of sounding out the letters and words so that kids really get a good understanding of how each letter sounds.


Kids ABC Games: Toddler Girls & Boys Learning Free


Pros and Cons


  • Kids can choose from four modes of play
  • Teaches kids about letters and the alphabet
  • Cute graphics and animations
  • Engaging sound effects
  • Professional sound narrator
  • Can also act as an introduction to early reading skills



  • The controls aren’t always sensitive enough


Final Thoughts

The Alphabet Aquarium Letters Reading Adventure A to Z app can easily turn your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone into a personalized guide that teaches toddlers about each letter and gives an introduction to reading. The app has plenty of great features that are sure to capture the attention of toddlers.


Kids ABC Games: Toddler Girls & Boys Learning Free

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