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Phone for Kids app review: all-in-one activitiy app for your kids



Phone for Kids - All In One Activity Center for Children in HD is a many-featured phone app for iPhone and iPad that allows kids to learn, pretend, sing, and create. It has many activities including:

  • learning weather;
  • alphabet;
  • compass directions;
  • play calling;
  • painting;
  • play texting;
  • seasonal such as Christmas activities;
  • multi-instrument such as string, bass, percussion;
  • shaking keys for infants;
  • an aquarium;
  • a calculator;
  • and much more!
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Phone for Play - Creative Fun


Set the Guided Access and Let Them Explore

I downloaded Phone for Kids - All In One Activity Center for Children in HD for my daughter when I first got my iPhone as she was three and still obsessed with phones. It seemed like it would keep her amused for a while. Little did I know at the time that there was so much packed into this app! In total there are 31 games, plus the keyboard at the bottom of the main menu for your child to keep busy.

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My daughter is now five, and she still plays in this app regularly as it is so engaging and has so many different activities. I often ask her if she is in my phone or if she is calling on her phone! She is on her phone now that I know how to set the Guided Access!


Great Sounds That Don't Get too Repetitive

Due to the sheer number of mini-games within Phone for Kids - All In One Activity Center for Children in HD, the sounds are always changing. There is a train on the main screen, there are the various musical instruments that the child can play on their own getting their own tune going, and there are different background songs for each section. I generally keep my speakers turned to mute because repetition really gets to me, but I can have my daughter play this app for hours without it bothering me.

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Phone for Play - Creative Fun


Pros & Cons


  • 31 different fun learning activities
  • Learn basics like counting and alphabet
  • Learn colors
  • Learn musical notation


  • I really haven’t found any cons in this app and I’ve been using it and its various updates for two and a half years


Final Thoughts

Phone for Kids - All In One Activity Center for Children in HD is well worth the download if you want to keep your child learning and entertained. It is so all inclusive, so if you are going to download only one kid's app on your iPhone or iPad, choose this one!


Phone for Play - Creative Fun

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