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Vinted app review: get the best deals on the dream items for your closet 2021



The Vinted shopping app for iPhone and iPad provides you with all the benefits of shopping for slightly used clothing and shoes in the palm of your hand. Whether you're looking to buy some slightly used articles, or  are selling some of your own, Vinted app provides you a quick and easy way to do both.

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Even being as simple as it sounds, the Vinted app provides an extensive list of little, but valuable features which we we will look at in this vinted app review. Before you know it, you will be celebrating the vinted app download as you buy and sell used clothes.

Keep reading our Vinted app review for more details. When finished, check out our best shopping apps list for more great options. 

Vinted USA


Perfect For When You Have Nothing To Wear

Everyone likes a deal, especially when it's a high-priced article of clothing. Vinted provides women access to high fashion at great prices. No matter what your style or taste, Vinted will have something for you. The easiest way to look at Vinted is it's a high-end craigslist without the odds of meeting a serial killer.

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Each and every article is priced well below retail and is accompanied by a minimum of six photos of the product. Unlike other ways to purchase items online,Vinted is a community of women looking to clean out their closets and pass the items on to those who will use them.

Simply register for a free membership through the app's interface, or log in with your Facebook account and start searching.

When you've found the item you want just tap the "I Want It" button and send the seller a message. If you're looking for more information on an item you can contact the seller via an in-app private message or post a comment to their wall. Vinted even provides the average time the seller takes to respond to any correspondence.

The Vinted app has an option to customize and save a list of your own preferences, such as clothes or shoe size, brands, price range etc., which will sort articles to show you accordingly.

Also, shipping became easy and secure as never before thanks to USPS tracking system. Joyful and friendly marketing became simple as vinted app download in few clicks.

All the details and pricing are set by the users, and haggling is encouraged. This way you will get the best deal for the items you want.

Perfect For When You Have Nothing To Wear image

Great For When Your Closet Is Too Full

Vinted isn't just about buying items, it's also about selling the things you no longer wear. The interface for posting the items you want to sell is just as fast and easy as buying them.

The best part is you don't have to keep returning to your computer to check in. Now you have all the ability to shop and sell what you want wherever you are.

Recent updates have made this app even better as the developers have spruced it up visually, made it more stabilized and also fixed the latest bugs.

Great For When Your Closet Is Too Full image

Vinted USA


Pros & Cons


  • A fast and easy way to buy or sell fashion items
  • One-on-one interaction with other users
  • Great layout and design
  • Haggling is encouraged


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Vinted app for iPhone and iPad is a great way for women to buy and sell fashion. Whether you want to get rid of those slightly used pumps or are searching for your dream outfit, this app will help you find it at the price you want.

Vinted USA

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