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StormTeam2 app review: dedicated weather forecasting for New York residents



What we have here is a full-featured weather forecasting app specifically tailored to residents of New York, delivering up to 10 days' worth of reports in addition to live radar map imagery. You also get alerts notifying you of impending severe weather conditions.

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This is a run-of-the-mill weather app which is very similar to other comparable developments within the same genre. While this certainly isn’t the most innovative or original of app developments, it definitely provides a meteorological resource that New Yorkers can depend upon for accurate forecasts.

This is a pretty solid development for the iPhone or iPad which I can definitely recommend to those looking for a dedicated weather forecasting service in New York.



Dedicated Weather Forecasting for New York

The first thing you’ll want to do when you first begin using StormTeam2 is to tap the house icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will take you to the Locations section which you can use to find your current location and begin receiving forecasts for your local area immediately.

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Another bonus of the Locations menu is that you can actually save multiple locations within this app. This is perfect for keeping an eye on the weather for your daily work commute, or perhaps for those of you who frequently visit out-of-town relatives and don’t want any nasty surprises when you hit the road.

The core forecasting functionality of this app is found in the 10 Day and Hourly sections. From here you’ll be able to access detailed reports across a variety of timeframes, providing information such as high and low temperatures, wind speed and direction, and chance of precipitation.


View 10 Days of Weather Forecasts

What’s more, if you tap on a specific day within the 10 Day section, you can view even more details, including sunrise and sunset times, UV Index, and a basic text summary of the predicted weather conditions for the day.

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If you prefer a more visual format then the Map section is where you’ll find live radar map imagery, enabling you to view the past and future movements of various weather fronts as they advance across your region.

Those of you who live in areas more prone to less-than-ideal weather conditions will also be pleased to know that you can use the Alerts section of this app to set up Push notifications. This will let you know when storms, tornadoes, flash floods, or similar conditions are expected in your area.




Pros and Cons


  • Detailed weather forecasting for residents of New York
  • Weather forecasts available across a 10-day timeframe in different visual formats
  • Receive severe weather alerts via Push notification
  • Detailed radar map imagery enables you to track weather fronts in your region



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

StormTeam 2 for the iPhone or iPad is well worth checking out if you live in New York.

I also think that given the nature of the radar map imagery and the quality of the weather forecasting in general, residents of neighboring states should be able to get a fair amount of use from this app as well.



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