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Smartsheet app review: keeping you on-task and organized



Do you need a reliable task management app that helps you with task and project management? The Smartsheet app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can help you with all your productivity needs and it is built around a spreadsheet format. By building it on this format you will instantly feel at home with the app and can easily use the functions and features. With that said you’ll end up saving yourself time and hassle by staying on-track and organized.

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Smartsheet – Project Management, Gantt Charts, Task Management


Nothing to Balk At

This app is nothing to balk; at in fact, more than two million people has now turned to Smartsheet for their productivity needs. It is well known as a web-based task and project management software program that allows for work collaboration. As mentioned, from the moment you launch this app it will feel familiar to you thanks to the fact that it uses a spreadsheet format. This means there is no need for long tutorials or going through that initial process where you waste time trying to figure out the app. ou can launch it and start using it right away as you instantly benefit from its features.

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Users love that not only does this app make task and project management simple but it allows colleagues to see what is going on and make sure the communication lines are always open.

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Using the App

It should be noted that this iPhone and iPad task manager is specifically for those using iOS 7.0 or later. This is a free trial account that you are given; in order to continue using it past the trial you will need to purchase a Smartsheet subscription plan. This app can be used in a variety of languages, just to make it even more versatile.

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Additional features of this app include Gantt charts that you can zoom in on, plus the ability to share documents, track all your information in one convenient location, and set reminders. Keep in mind all of your actions are in real-time so others stay in on the loop. Another aspect that users love is the fact that all their information is kept in one spot. There is no need to sort through files, emails, and notes to find what you need: just visit the project to find everything that goes along with it. It acts as a virtual assistant in that sense that is able to keep you organized.

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Smartsheet – Project Management, Gantt Charts, Task Management


Pros and Cons


  • Helping businesses with project and task management
  • Store all project details in one central spot so you are never searching for information
  • App uses a spreadsheet format so it feels familiar to users
  • Share your project details and information by email


  • This is a free trial version only; from here you will need to purchase a subscription plan

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Final Thoughts

Project and task management can be tricky and time consuming without the right tools. Look to the Smartsheet app for your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone to deliver you with all the features and functions you need to be as productive as possible.

Smartsheet – Project Management, Gantt Charts, Task Management

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