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My Days app review: keep track of your ovulation and period cycle



 Ladies there is no need to mark down your cycle on a notepad or calendar. Further, you never have to be surprised because you have calculated your cycle wrong; instead, you can download the My Days app. This app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to quickly and effectively track your cycle. It's great to use if you are currently trying to get pregnant, want to avoid pregnancy, or just want to be able to plan around your monthly cycle.

MyDays X


All the Work for You

This app does all the work for you, quite literally. You can just sit back and relax and refer to this app for the information you need, when you need it. The app is able to do things such as predict the days of the month you will be most fertile, when your last period was, when you'll be ovulating, and when your next period should begin. What's great is that all your information can stay private and safe because the app also features a password lock.

All of the information you track and keep in here can also be backed up to your computer, again ensuring that it's always safe and secure. You can even email information to your doctor so you aren't afraid of leaving details out. Despite the fact that this app is free you are still given all the features and functions for free, there are no in-app purchases necessary.


Features Galore

This app comes with an absolutely massive features and functions list that makes it possible for you not only to track your data but really personalize this app for your needs. It's for these exact reasons the app consistently scores a customer rating of five out of five stars.

Additional features include being able to keep track of your mood, your blood flow, your weight, and your temperature. You can also view statistics of your last cycle and your cycle and period length are automatically calculated for you. There is really no effort on your part. There are also ways to overwrite and manually input information if you need to do that.

I do find that using the app is a bit intimidating those first couple of times, and there’s also the fact you need to set up some of the information that first time. Don’t be put off though: stick with it and you’ll find it gets so easy and very helpful.


MyDays X


Pros and Cons


  • Is able to automatically calculate and track your monthly period and ovulation cycle
  • Information can be backed up
  • Information can be emailed to your doctor
  • Plenty of customization features
  • There is a pregnancy mode to use when/if you become pregnant



  • The app is a little intimidating the first couple of times you use it


Final Words

The My Days app is perfect to use on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and allows you to automatically track and calculate all your personal information when it comes to your menstrual.


MyDays X

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