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The Snow Report app review: get all your snowy details



If you plan on traveling to the mountains for some skiing action then the weather is incredibly important to your plans. Use The Snow Report app to find all your details on the current snowfall as well as what's coming up. The app covers the top resorts around the world and has all kinds of other features built in. The app offers a big focus on social media so you can not only enjoy your ski adventure but share it with the world using the app on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.

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The Snow Report


Your Own Weather Center

Now that we are into ski season this app is perfect for delivering you the details you need. As mentioned you'll be able to view weather forecasts as well as 24-, 48-, and 72-hour snowfall totals. In the mountains you just never know what you could be in for so with this app at least you'll be prepared! In a sense you can use this app as your own personal weather center so you can plan around the conditions.

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The app will also alert you to any avalanche advisories that may be out and you can view the five-day forecast complete with the daily high and low temperatures. If you set up a list of your favorite resort the app will then notify you whenever one of your favorites gets snow.

Your Own Weather Center image

Using the App

This app can be used all season long providing you with high-quality weather information and The North Face News feed. One cool feature is the Track one. With this feature you can track the days you spend on the hills and then record the data on the day that you're there. While you're actually skiing, the app can be used as a trail map to help you navigate.  Just hit the locate button for the app to find you.

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Launch the app and let it locate you to show you the nearest slopes. From here click on any of them for additional weather information as well as information such as how many runs are open, how many lifts are open, if there is a web cam, and plenty more. You are basically getting a mini-feed on each resort.

As mentioned there is a social aspect to the app that allows you to post status updates and photos to Facebook right from within the app. You can also send out tweets.

Using the App image

The Snow Report


Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use
  • Find information on the world’s top ski resorts
  • View current as well as upcoming weather
  • Check out the snowfall amounts
  • Create a list of favorites for quick and easy access to them


  • User interface is dull
  • Not all ski resorts are included at this point
  • Some resorts have more information than others

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Snow Report app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch give you a fun, social, and interactive way to stay on top of all the latest details at your favorite resorts.

The Snow Report

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