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StarMap 3D+ app review: who doesn't enjoy stargazing 2021



Are you a beginner or advanced astronomer looking for the best star map app to help you with your passion?

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The StarMap 3D+ astronomy app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to help you find such things as the galaxies, star clusters, stars, constellations, planets, and a whole lot more.

Not only does the Starmap app for stargazing feed into your passion, but it also offers an educational experience. It is a great night sky app for gazing at the stars. 

The iPhone and iPad astronomy app works by using your device's gyroscope and compass to find everything there is to see up in the sky. You don't need to cart around bulky equipment to enjoy the stars. Keep reading to see if this is one of the best apps for stargazing. 

StarMap 3D+ Plus


A Stargazer's Best Friend

Just because you're out and about and without your astronomy tools doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little stargazing. This stargazer app for iPad and iPhone users, transforms your mobile device into a stargazing tool that uses your device's compass to align the 3D map.

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It offers users HD retina graphics that are stunning and brilliant and truly do the universe justice. In total there are more than 100,000 stars that you can read and find information on.

This app also supports real-time positions of a whopping 100 artificial satellites. It's hard to believe you can access all of this information from one app. As mentioned the app uses your GPS to locate you but if you'd rather you can enter in your latitude and longitude manually.

A Stargazer

Plenty of Features

Not only are you going to be able to view all kinds of wondrous and  beautiful things in the universe with this app but it's also loaded with some pretty cool features. The app supports 88 modern constellations, Classic constellation lines, and MacRobert constellation lines.

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Check out the more than 6,000 deep sky objects that provide you with details such as its size and how far from earth it's located.

There are a couple of modes of use which are the 3D mode and the Planetarium Mode. Planetarium Mode is used to check out the celestial sphere or to view objects that you can see. The time and date can be adjusted and you can bookmark items.

What I enjoy is just how easy this app is to use. There is enough information to keep advanced astronomers happy yet the app is user-friendly and presented in a way in which beginners can fully understand and appreciate the information.

It manages to strike that perfect balance between the two. The graphics are truly outstanding as well and in an app like this you need to have good graphics to be successful.

Plenty of Features image

StarMap 3D+ Plus


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly features and tools
  • Incredible HD Retina graphics
  • The app uses your device’s compass to align the map
  • There are two different modes of use


  • It would be nice to see even more features and tools added to this one in upcoming updates

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The StarMap 3D app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a wonderful way to explore the planet without having to carry around bulky tools. I find the app to be incredibly simple to use and very educational. It might not bet the best stargazer app, but it certainly is a good one especially for beginners. 

StarMap 3D+ Plus

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