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Drawing with Carl app review: a personal drawing coach for kids



For kids, drawing is just something that is part of everyday ordinary life, but if your child wants to work on her skills while having a little fun there's a great way to do so. The Drawing with Carl app has been designed for kids’ ages four and over to use on your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Your kids will be able to create spectacular drawings that they can add other artistic and fun elements to as well. The app is of course kid-friendly so they won’t be feeling frustrated or intimidated.

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Drawing with Carl


Can't Get Enough

It seems as though parents and kids can't get enough of this app, which is evident in the very high customer rating score. Kids are given a number of drawing tools all meant to make the process simple, fun, and creative for them. It’s more than just drawings: there is also a selection of stickers that will talk when used, which really gets kids giggling. The stickers feature Carl and all his crazy friends. When kids are done with their creation it can be saved, posted on your Facebook wall, and shared by email.

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A very cool feature in the app is the mirror painting option. When you turn this on you can draw on one side of the screen and the mirror image will automatically appear on the other side.


Using the App

The user experience is very smooth and fluid. The app uses touch functionality so that kids don’t have to worry about being precise. They can choose from a number of drawing tools; however, keep in mind many aren’t available in the free version. Some of the features of this app include the stickers that were mentioned above that talk (since they are all of Carl's friends), the ability to draw on your friends' creations, an erase tool, and the ability to quickly start a fresh page.

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As you draw and create there are fun little sound effects and the app has a very clean and uncluttered user interface.

The one thing I find disappointing is that the feature list rhymes off so many different things but unless you’re will to upgrade to the full version only a small handful are available to you. Because of that the app doesn’t really stand out above the crowd. It’s still a perfectly fun and easy-to-use option for kids that will give them lots of opportunities to create.


Drawing with Carl


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly design
  • Create pictures to share with friends and save
  • A variety of drawing tools available
  • An undo tool
  • An eraser tool
  • The ability to draw in mirror image mode



  • There are only a small handful of tools available in the free one
  • This app doesn’t feel very unique


Final Words

The Drawing with Carl app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can certainly give kids something to do that pushes their creativity. I like that this one is so easy and fun to use; I just wish there were more tools available in the free version.


Drawing with Carl

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