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OpenSnow Ski Forecasts & Reports app review: plan your perfect ski vacation 2021


Introduction was created by a group of snow forecasters who wanted to bring their local expertise to as many skiers and riders as possible, and now they are offering this fantastic app to provide all manner of weather forecasting, ski condition analysis, and much more.

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It should go without saying that this really is a must-have iPhone and iPad skiing app for all of you avid ski enthusiasts out there.

If you’re thinking of hitting the slopes any time soon, or you’ve got a ski vacation currently in the works, I would definitely recommend checking out this iPhone skiing app as I think it could come in very handy.

For more details about the features of this top iPhone skiing app, keep reading our OpenSnow Ski Forecasts & Reports app review below.



Forecasts, Mountain Cams, and More

When you first start using OpenSnow Ski Forecasts & Reports, you’ll need to begin by creating a user account. Don’t worry though because this can be done by using your Facebook account, so you should be up and running, or rather, skiing, within just a few moments.

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You’ll also notice that this app will use your device’s integrated GPS. This is great as it enables you to easily access information relevant to your current location so that you can always stay one step ahead of the crowds and the weather, even while you’re out on the slopes.

The main home screen in this app shows Your Daily Snows and Your Mountains. By visiting the Settings menu you can search for Daily Snow submissions and Mountains to add to your Favorites list so that they are always easily accessible.

Forecasts, Mountain Cams, and More image

Get the Scoop With the Daily Snow

If you tap the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen, you’ll be presented with a wide array of sections contained within the app.

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The Mountains section contains a list of Nearby Mountains, and if you tap on one of them you’ll be treated to a massive amount of information, including the Snow Report, Current Temperature at the base of the mountain, and a Day and Night Forecast covering the next five days or so.

I also think the Mountain Cams feature is very cool. I wouldn’t expect to find images for every single mountain, but this can be a great way of really getting a good feel for what kind of conditions you can expect on the slopes, as well as getting you and your family in the mood before you leave for your next ski vacation!

Get the Scoop With the Daily Snow image



Pros and Cons


  • Effectively plan your perfect powder day or ski vacation with a wide selection of tools
  • Find Nearby Mountains by using your device’s built-in GPS
  • View up to six days' worth of Day and Night weather Forecasts
  • View direct feeds to Mountain Cams
  • Quick and easy registration by using your Facebook account


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

OpenSnow Ski Forecasts & Reports is a great addition to the Travel section of the App Store, and is definitely worth keeping handy on your iPhone and iPad for your next ski trip!


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