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TaxSlayer app review: easily estimate your 2013 tax refund using your paycheck or your W-2



This is a very nicely designed tax refund calculator that enables you to make adjustments to your withholdings to make sure you get the most out of your paycheck. Swap your tax accountant for this simple iPhone and iPad app and make the process far simpler than ever before!

This app definitely appears to have been put together with a real flair of expertise and professionalism. You won’t be able to use this tool to literally ‘slay’ your taxes, as the name might suggest, but I imagine it could save a fair few of you a pretty considerable amount of time on your tax returns.

TaxSlayer is a very solid development with a ton of great features, and it definitely receives a very strong recommendation from me!

TaxSlayer - File Your Taxes


I'm the Taxman!

The Personal section of TaxSlayer - Free Tax Refund Calculator is where you’ll most likely want to start out when you first begin using the app. This essentially takes the form of a questionnaire that you can fill in with, you guessed it, your personal information to begin the refund calculation process.

I actually really like the way the developer has laid out the app. There are a couple of different sections that you’ll need to fill in, but everything has been presented in such a way as to make it very easily digestible rather than giving you an immense form to fill in.

Once you’ve completed details such as your marital status, number of children and dependents, and so on, it’s time to move on to the Income section.


It's That Time Again...

The Income section again follows a nice and simple format, requiring that you fill in information such as how often you are paid, your wages and withholdings, and any other forms of income you may be receiving.

The Deductions section is the last part that you’ll have to fill in, specifying such details as taxes you’ve paid on your home, education fees, retirement savings, and more.

Finally, the Results section will display what kind of refund you are due, if any. There are also a few buttons on this page for sharing the app with your friends and family online via Facebook, Twitter, and email, so be sure to share the love!


TaxSlayer - File Your Taxes


Pros and Cons


  • Easily estimate your 2013 tax refund using your paycheck or your W-2
  • Clear and streamlined layout makes the process quick and easy
  • Share the app with others online via Facebook, Twitter, and email



  • You’re still going to have to pay your taxes, I’m afraid!


Final Words

TaxSlayer - Free Tax Refund Calculator is an awesome app which has clearly been very intelligently designed.

The process of filing taxes can be an absolute nightmare for some, and I really think that with this app nestled away on your iPhone and iPad, you can at least enjoy a moment’s reprieve.


TaxSlayer - File Your Taxes

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