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Free Music Score Viewer "piaScore" app review: a beautiful sound library-2020



How would you like a way to find all kinds of beautiful digital musical scores on your mobile device? This musical score app does just this, and in such a convenient manner. There is no need to cart musical scores around with you because you can quickly and easily find them on this sheet music app.

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The classical music app is described as being able to give users the ability to view a musical score any time they like no matter where they may be. It's like instantly pulling out classical sheet music and following along as if you are part of the symphony. See our best musician apps list for more interesting options.

Piascore - Smart Music Score


It's All About Convenience

This app is created to be convenient for musicians, performers, and those with a love and passion for classical music. This app features a cloud service called Cloud Play with a musical score.

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In total you will be able to browse through pieces from 16.200 composers and a whopping 131,000 musical scores from IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project)/Petrucci Music Library. Of course, just as the title suggests, they are all free.

To give you even more convenience the classical music app supports Dropbox, the camera capturing, and web search. You can print (AirPrint) classical sheet music, or send a mail with writing down notes, basically replacing any need for paper sheet music, pens, pencils and erasers at all.

Besides access to these musical scores you are also given all kinds of other features and tools such as a recorder, tuner, a metronome, and virtual keyboard. You can even access your own PDF score through iTunes.


Using the App

There are a whole lot of features to mention in this app, so much so that’s impossible to touch on all of them. Instead here are a few of the noteworthy ones that make this app stand out. First off it's important to note that the app is free to download but there are a number of in-app purchases that range from $0.99 to $10.99.

The app consistently gets high customer rating scores thanks to its ease of use, convenience, and the sheer amount of features and tools it offers to them.

Let's take a closer look at some of those features such as the fact the app supports gesture page turning when used on the iPad 2 or later. The "piaScore Store" is filled with digital music that you are able to buy and search for favorites quickly and easily. Write notes on the scores with the pen tool that is provided in the app and you can view the score in realistic or normal view mode.

A couple of months ago the app underwent a number of bug fixes which has improved performance and stability, giving users an even better experience.

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Piascore - Smart Music Score


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Offers performers and musicians a quick and convenient way to view digital scores
  • Purchase scores in the “piaScore Store”
  • The app has a number of music tools


  • Not all scores are free

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Final Words

The Free Music Score Viewer app for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch gives users a smooth, user-friendly, and convenient way to view scores even while on the run. Thanks to the list of features and the smooth performance this app is a real keeper.

Piascore - Smart Music Score

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