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Studycat: Fun Spanish for Kids app review: learn through fun activities 2021



Learning another language can prove to be very beneficial in life and what better time to learn than as a child when soaking things up is a given?

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The Fun Spanish Language Learning Games for Kids ages 3-10 by Studycat is an iPhone Spanish app designed for toddlers, preschoolers, and young students to learn Spanish in a fun and engaging way.

This Spanish app has games for learning Spanish and can be enjoyed on the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone and is literally filled with activities.

Continue reading our Studycat: Fun Spanish for Kids app review to see if it's one of the best Spanish apps for iPhone and iPad.

Studycat: Fun Spanish for Kids


No Matter What the Reason

No matter what the reason(s) may be that you want your child to learn Spanish, approaching it in the right way is pivotal to their success. This app takes a very non-stressful approach with a focus on fun.

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There are a series of activities and games for kids to enjoy which will not only keep them occupied but teach them all about the Spanish language. While the app is designed for kids to use there is no reason adults can’t join in the fun and also learn how to speak Spanish; in fact, you can make it a family activity!

The app is designed in such a way that it offers a structured language course that is interlaced with games so it breaks up the "learning" part. Of course the games offer a learning aspect to them but then it feels like there is more variety and helps to keep the interest of kids.

In 2021, this app has undergone some big updates including new graphics, smoother gameplay, improved langage learning, fixing bugs and more. 

No Matter What the Reason image

Learning the Language

The app obviously can't guarantee that your child will become a fluent Spanish speaker but it certainly can act as a fun and informative introduction to Spanish.

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Kids will be learning individual words, then sentences, spelling, and speaking. The goal is to get them comfortable with the language as they learn.

The way the pricing system works is that you are given one language lesson for free. From there you will need to purchase additional lessons priced at $1.99 each.

I like that you get to try one for free so you know if it's something your child will respond well to. In each of the lessons you are given at least five games if not more. Features of the app include fun cartoon graphics, songs, and sound effects.

I find some of the activities move a bit fast and it’s hard to catch the word but with learning a new language it’s all about repetition anyway.

Learning the Language image

Studycat: Fun Spanish for Kids


Pros and Cons


  • A variety of games and activities interlaced with a structured language lesson
  • Can be used by ages three to 10
  • You are given one language lesson for free


  • You will need to purchase all the remaining lessons
  • Some of the activities/lessons seem to move a bit too quickly

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Fun Spanish Language Learning Games for Kids aged 3-10 by Studycat app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives kids an engaging and entertaining approach to learning a new language. I think it works best as an introduction to Spanish rather than the sole learning tool you rely on.

Studycat: Fun Spanish for Kids

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