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HiddenVault Secret Photo Album app review 2021



The best iPhone apps for note-taking

Many of us like our privacy in life. The same can be said with our iPhones and iPads as well. Furthermore, if you are like me and you have private content on your iPhone that you don’t want anyone else to see, apps like the HiddenVault Secret Photo Album are a must have!

From a girl’s secret diary to a private journal app, we’re going to bring to light all of the "hidden" features that this utility has to offer.

So, check out our HiddenVault app review for more details and let us know if you think it’s the best private journal app or best vault app that you have ever used.

Secret Photo Safe: HiddenVault


Hide You Private Photos and Videos

From personal to professional, the HiddenVault app does a great job at hiding and protecting your files. If you have sensitive photos or videos, this is the app to use to protect them and keep them hidden from anyone else that looks at your phone.

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Your files stay on your iDevice so that they aren’t susceptible to getting hacked. However, you can also get private iCloud storage through this app as well.

Photos and videos aren’t the only items that you can store in this vault app. You can also hide apps and save an unlimited number of passwords for all of your accounts.

To make things easier, HiddenVault allows you to sign into these accounts with just one tap within the app.


Top Notch Security

Privacy and functionality aren’t the only features with this app. HiddenVault also has top notch security with military grade encryption.

Users have the option of protecting their log-in with a PIN pass code, Touch ID or Face ID. These added layers of security provide protection for private content and peace of mind knowing that your sensitive items are safe.

Secret Photo Safe: HiddenVault


Additional App Features

In addition to the features mentioned above, HiddenVault still has a lot more to offer. For example, this app allows you to search the web anonymously and save bookmarks within the private web browser that’s built in the Secret Photo Safe utility.  

So, not only can you save and store all of your personal information, passwords, files, and apps, but you can also browse the internet anonymously through HiddenVault’s build-in web browser. The developers have literally thought of everything for this fantastic utility.

To get the full experience of HiddenVault, there are in-app purchases. However, developers have increased the duration of the free trial to give you more time to experience the full power of this app.

This app has had several updates in 2021 that have included features like an automatic signing out of the app. Additionally, there have been some minor UI enhancements and a constant dedication to fixing any bugs and glitches.

Pros and Cons


  • Top Notch Encryption
  • Multiple Layers of Security
  • Hide Files, Apps, Info
  • Manage and Store Passwords
  • Built-in Private Web Browser
  • Additional Private iCloud Storage


  • Some users don’t like in-app purchases

HiddenVault is the Only Secret Vault App You Need

When the time comes where you need an app to hide or store private and sensitive information, look no further than HiddenVault.

This app has all the features and functions that anyone could ever want or need in a vault app. From private storage to private web browsing, HiddenVault is the premiere choice for privacy on your iDevice.

Secret Photo Safe: HiddenVault

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