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Poetry Creator app review: sometimes you need a little help



Poetry can be a form of escape or relaxation, and is a way to get your feelings out. Just because it offers a whole bunch of benefits, however, doesn't mean you're necessarily good at it. This is where the Poetry Creator can come in really handy. This app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and encourages your creativity and helps it come out. The app will have you creating your own poetry mash-ups using song lyrics, classic poetry, and pretty much everything in between.

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Poetry Creator | Verses - Poetry, Poems & Poets


Breathing Life Into Classics

This is a great way to let your creative juice flow and add a little life into some of the most classic poems out there. Maybe you've read the same poem dozens of times: why not customize it and make it your own using this app? When you're satisfied with your unique results you can share them through email and on Facebook so others can enjoy your work. It’s a very different and very fun approach to poetry.

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You will be using the word dictionaries provided in the app to create your poems. The free version comes with four dictionaries which are "The Dictionary," "Ifs Ands Or Buts Dictionary," "New School Words," and "Old School Words." There are so many possibilities with these four offerings that it will likely be enough to keep you busy for a while. Should you decide to purchase additional dictionaries you can look at ones like the sci-fi dictionary, Shakespeare dictionary, hip-hop dictionary, and the beatnik dictionary. As you can imagine you’ll find different types of words in each of them.


Forming your Creation

I have to say that poetry has never been my strong suit; in fact, far from it. I just seem to hit a wall when it comes to forming the lines. This is a fabulous way of giving you word possibilities that at the very least get your brain working and your creative juices flowing. Even the most seasoned poet sometimes hits writer’s block and this is a great way to get yourself out of that stagnant state of mind.

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I find the app to be incredibly simple to use and the user interface has a really cool look to it. Simply drag the words around the screen to form your poems and at any point you can add a custom word or check out the word drawer.


Poetry Creator | Verses - Poetry, Poems & Poets


Pros and Cons


  • Very user-friendly
  • The user interface has a cool and fresh look to it
  • Drag words around the screen to form poems
  • Add custom words
  • Share your poems on Facebook and by email



  • You are only given four dictionaries in the free version
  • It feels like you need more space at times when you start moving all the words around


Final Words

The Poetry Creator app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a really fun approach to writing poetry. You can get really creative thanks to the words you are given to use.


Poetry Creator | Verses - Poetry, Poems & Poets

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