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WSAZ Weather app review: dedicated weather forecasting for residents of West Virginia-2021



The WSAZ weather app delivers weather forecasting across a variety of great visual formats, as well as severe weather notifications, live radar map imagery, and exclusive access to video and blog content. The WSAZ weather forecast, specifically the WSAZ 10 day weather forecast, is incredibly accurate and a must have for West Virginians.

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This is a great weather app, and I’m particularly pleased to see that the developer has gone to the trouble of adding in sections for Video and Blog content from the good folks over at the WSAZ First Warning Weather studios, just to add a little icing to the cake. The WSAZ weather camera is also a nice touch as well.

I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen of this app so far.

WSAZ First Warning Weather App


Dedicated Weather Forecasting for West Virginia

WSAZ Weather offers weather forecasting in a handful of different visual formats and levels of detail, depending on what your preference is.

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If you want to be able to actively track weather fronts in a visual format then the Map section is ideal. In here you’ll be able to see the past and future movements of rain, snow, and other fronts as they make their way across your region.

Constant improvement of the wsaz weather camera app supplies a map with more and more precise information with every single update.

This Map section also includes a summary of the current conditions for today, including the temperature, humidity, and wind speed and direction. Furthermore, you’ll also notice an overview of the conditions for today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Dedicated Weather Forecasting for West Virginia image

See 10 Days' of Weather Forecasts

The 10 Day section is ideal if you’re planning a trip out of town as it shows the high and low temperatures for the coming week or so. If you tap on a particular day you can also view more details, including the UV Index, sunrise and sunset times, and a review of the evening weather conditions.

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The Video section of this app features live streamed and archived video footage from the WSAZ First Warning Weather studios, so this is definitely a feature you’ll want to take a look at if you would prefer to have more of a TV feel to your weather forecasts.

Recent upgrades to weather data source improved wsaz weather 10 day forecast to somewhat the most secure reference to rely on.

See 10 Days

WSAZ First Warning Weather App


Pros and Cons


  • Detailed weather forecasting for residents of West Virginia
  • Weather forecasts available across a 10-day timeframe in different visual formats
  • Receive severe weather alerts via Push notification
  • Detailed radar map imagery enables you to track weather fronts in your region
  • Live and archived video content from the WSAZ First Warning Weather studios      


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

WSAZ Weather is definitely a very solid iPhone and iPad app with a ton of functionality and an awesome interface design that has been tried and tested on countless other comparable weather apps.

WSAZ First Warning Weather App

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