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Weather° app review: a beautiful way to view weather details



Do you find yourself constantly on the search for that perfect weather app? Do you want the most up-to-date details but are looking for that extra bit more? The Weather° app for your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad doesn't just give you the weather forecast; it does so in a beautiful and engaging way. This app will give you weather conditions for cities all around the world, giving you not just the current conditions but also the forecast. You will be able to plan your day appropriately thanks to this app.

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Weather Live°


Don't Rain on my Parade

How many times have you made plans only to have the weather mess with them and leave you feeling frustrated? If you had just known about that major snowfall, rain, or wind, perhaps you would have planned differently. With this app you will always be aware of the most current weather details as well as an accurate forecast you can plan around. So far it sounds pretty standard I'm sure, an app that gives you the weather: big deal right? Well it's the user interface that sets this one apart and gives other apps a run for their money.

The best iPhone apps for weather

It’s hard to actually explain just how this app appears as it is so different than your typical weather app. The app is able to find your location using the GPS on your device and instantly displays animated weather graphics that move in the background. The screen is just filled with all the current details: the time, the date, the temperature, the feels like temperature, and the minimum and maximum temperature for the day. It gives you the current conditions as a graphic and text, the pressure, wind speeds and direction, visibility, precipitation, and humidity levels. The bottom of the screen gives you a quick three-day forecast.


Additional Details

While it’s hard to believe you could want additional features and details you are given plenty. For instance, share the weather by Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. When you share the weather details you also will share your location, which is really fun when traveling. The process is very smooth and fast, just as you would expect from such an impressive-looking app.

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The weather information is kept current and updated every 10 minutes. You also have a variety of customization features such as being able to quickly adjust the brightness, the format you wish the time displayed as, the ability to find your location when you open the app, and the units of wind speed/pressure/temperature.


Weather Live°


Final Thoughts


  • User-friendly features and tools
  • There are a number of customization features
  • The display features moving weather animations
  • A large amount of weather details



  • The app shows your current temperature on its badge without having to open it however it seems unable to show a temperature as minus
  • The ads really clutter the screen


Final Thoughts

The Weather° for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great and quick way to get all your weather details.


Weather Live°

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