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Sleep Easily Mediation Free app review: get to sleep quickly and easily 2021



This free version of the Sleep Easily Meditation app for iPhone and iPad includes nearly 27 minutes of carefully chosen, relaxing background music as Shazzie, the creator of the app for relaxation, calmly talks the meditator through a relaxation process.

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As the intention of this sleeping aid app is to send you into a meditative state, you have the option to set the recording on a loop. This intensely relaxing application works well for those who buy into the benefits of meditation and relaxation.

For those experiencing this type of app for meditation for the first time, Shazzie is a professional when it comes to introducing you to the practice and making you feel informed and comfortable.

Sleep Easily by Shazzie: A Guided Meditation.


Deep Sleep

This app consists of a single recording with the option to loop the recording if you wish. The background music is calm and euphoric, enticing listeners to drift off into a meditative state without distractions. Shazzie's soothing voice layered over the music is at first instructive.

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She covers the necessary topics of posture and advises users against listening to the recording during high-risk situations like driving.

After the logistics are covered, Shazzie coaches you into a deep, relaxed state and eventually meditation. She reminds you that you have the power to snap out of the meditative state at any time and assures you the whole process is very safe.

For almost 27 minutes, Shazzie will take you to warm, relaxing, safe environments and ultimately, a deep, wholly relaxing sleep. Just don't forget to set the built in wake-up alarm before you start!

Deep Sleep image

Behind the Meditation

Included in the free application are two ebooks. The first is an eight-page, slideshow-style manual on how to best utilize this particular application. It covers many of the instructions Shazzie explains audibly in the recording.

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The ebook also specifies in what environments this app is best utilized for. A second, longer ebook included is a biography of Shazzie and her partner, Ali Calderwood.

This ebook gives a complete history of Shazzie's career as an author and expert on meditation, raw foods, transformation training and more. Ali Calderwood is described in the ebook as a musician, producer and healer.

Additional books, recordings, products, etc. offered by both Shazzie and Calderwood are explained in great detail in this second ebook. 

Behind the Meditation image

Sleep Easily by Shazzie: A Guided Meditation.


Pros and Cons


  • Highly effective meditation app
  • Good for first-time meditators
  • Extremely relaxing
  • Offered on a loop
  • Built-in alarm clock
  • Two informational ebooks


  • Banner advertisements are visible at the bottom of the screen, but that won't matter once you close your eyes

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

For those who have an open mind about meditation, this iPhone and iPad application is top-notch. The relaxing music accompanied by Shazzie's calming voice and suggestions are the perfect combination for entering a deep sleep.

Optimized for users having a hard time falling asleep, the application can be set for one 27-minute play through or repeated on a loop. No need to worry about sleeping in, just set the built-in alarm before you get started. Good night and lights out!

Sleep Easily by Shazzie: A Guided Meditation.

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