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Flipp app review: don’t clip coupons, Flipp coupons



Flipp is an all-inclusive, virtual coupon clipper allowing the budget conscious shoppers to get rid of paper advertisements once and for all. Complete, up-to-date sales ads for over 300 retail stores are available through the Flipp app. Find steals and deals based on store or geographic location, and ‘clip’ the deals to remember them later. With this app, shoppers will be narrowing in on the best bargain in no time.

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Flipp - Weekly Ads, Shopping List, and Coupons


Cut Back On Clutter

Flipp compiles hordes of retail store ads into one easy-to-use platform. Simply type in your zip code or allow the app to locate you, and all the best store ads in your area will appear on one scrollable screen. Underneath each thumbnail photo of a store’s ad packet is the name of the store and the expiration date of the ad. Click on an ad for a close-up of your flyer or brochure of interest.

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If you’d rather search by store name or a particular item, the search function is ready and available to serve you in that capacity. Though the ad does not allow for narrowing down an area geographically, it will find stores or products within an approximate 50-mile radius of you via the search function. If you are loyal to one or more stores, just tag them as your favorites. Instead of scrolling through all the available ads, tap the favorites tab and cut straight to the chase, viewing only the flyers you want and need.


More Savings At A Swipe

Getting the scissors out and snipping away at the Sunday newspaper may be thrifty, but it sure is a time suck. With Flipp, you don’t have to worry about which flyer you didn’t get or which coupon you didn’t clip. With over 300 available retail stores including all the major names like Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart as well as smaller local grocery and budget stores, all deals are compiled in once place. Once you open an ad, just tap on an item to ‘clip’ it to your ‘clippings’ page. Your ‘clippings’ page keeps track of every deal that catches your eye and notifies you when an ad has expired. A sliding sale scale located at the bottom left of the screen allows you to narrow down deals according to percentage discounted.

Though the application’s brief instructional upon opening says you can tap and hold an item to access item details, the information box that is actually provided shows nothing more than a zoomed-in version of the ad. Double tapping an item will also activate a zoom feature.


Flipp - Weekly Ads, Shopping List, and Coupons


Pros and Cons


  • Find the best daily and weekly deals near you and clip them into one page
  • Compare prices on over 300 retail stores in one place
  • Easy tap, zoom, and swipe functions navigate the app
  • Optimal search functions for locating a store or product
  • The app keeps track of sales expiration dates for you
  • Option to create a favorites list



  • Tap and hold prompts a pop-up box, but not much added information


Final Words

For the budget savvy shopper, this app is a must. Flyers and ads for a wide variety of retail stores are provided in a single screen. Once you find the products you are looking for, clip them together in you ‘clippings’ page and come back to them when you’re out running your errands. It won’t matter if you don’t remember which store Pepsi is on sale in, the information will be stored on your mobile device. If you get tired of scrolling through a long list of stores, develop a favorites list. Search by just about any factor and Flipp will help you locate the sale you are looking for! 


Flipp - Weekly Ads, Shopping List, and Coupons

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