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Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Booster) app review: boost and improve your audio quality and volume-2020



What we have here is an awesome audio equalizer app for iPhone and iPad that features an array of powerful tools that enable you to boost and augment the various audio frequencies of your favorite tracks to get the most out of your music like never before.

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Equalizer+ is an all-in-one volume control app and bass booster that offers brilliant sound quality, automatically optimized depending on the headphones used. Access your entire music library: iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox with offline mode through this music player app.

I’ve always found the native iOS Music widget to be quite lacking in terms of boosting volume, adjusting EQ settings, and generally getting a fuller, richer sound. A volume booster app like this is a must-have for any audiophile, so it definitely receives a strong recommendation from me, a fellow music freak!  See our best apps for listening to music list for more options.

Equalizer+ HD music player


Get More From Your Music

Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Booster) offers a five-band equalizer so that you can fine-tune the frequencies while playing your favorite tracks from directly within the app. The audio player synchronizes with your Music Library to ensure seamless playback and playlist management.

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The equalizer also comes with 10 presets which are based around different music genres, including all the usuals such as Rock, Pop, Jazz, and many more. This makes it easy for even the most musically ignorant amongst us to get a great sound out of any track.

Quality-focused, the volume control app makes it possible for you to mix, edit and customize the sound of your tracks to ensure an optimal music listening experience. Adjust songs that have too much or too little highs and lows, boost your bass with a volume booster app to give more depth to your tracks, play your playlists like a DJ with the special DJ transitions.

Get More From Your Music image

A Must-Have for Audiophiles

All the usual controls are also offered up in this app, including basic functions such as Shuffling and Repeating tracks in a variety of modes.

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There is also a very cool animated visualization available, and as the developer mentions in the iTunes description page, this reminds me a lot of the old Windows Media Player or Winamp visualizations from past versions of the software.

This is a pretty decent addition to the Music category of the App Store overall, and I would definitely recommend taking it for a spin if you’re looking for a way of getting a little more out of your music through your iPhone and iPad.

A Must-Have for Audiophiles image

Equalizer+ HD music player


Pros and Cons


  • Boost and improve your audio quality and volume
  • Five-band equalizer with 10 genre-based presets
  • Synchronizes with your Music Library for seamless playback and playlist management
  • Basic functions such as Shuffle and multi-purpose Repeat
  • Graphic visualizations in the style of Windows Media Player
  • Double-tap to quickly and easily reset the volume of the frequency filters
  • Many more features available via in-app purchase


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

A lot of the content in this app seems to be based around in-app purchases, but if you can look past this and enjoy the core functionality, I think that Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Booster) certainly has a lot to offer.

The iPhone and iPad aren’t exactly perfect when it comes to world-class audio quality, but with this app at your disposal I think you’ll be able to go a long way to improving the quality and squeezing a little extra life from your favorite songs.

Equalizer+ HD music player

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