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CALC - A Scientific Calculator for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app review: Simple Science



Math may never be easy, especially when it takes a scientific calculator, but this free application makes it as simple as it can be. The abilities of this calculator stretch far and wide. Not only does it crunch numbers, but it actually understands the math those teachers are teaching in Calculus. Sure, it’s equipped to do your basic adding and subtracting functions, but this calculator does not stop there.

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CALC Smart


Simple Math

Basic math functions are a breeze and operate on this calculator as they would any other. But CALC is able to perform advanced functions and live math expressions. No set of parenthesis will fool Calc, it just gets math. Convert any unit or currency and do it all with a few swipes and taps. Swipe to the right calls a scrolling menu of calculator buttons and functions. If the jargon starts to get confusing, just click the button in the upper left-hand corner and then tap the Wiki tab for a quick glossary on the buttons and symbols. Take a little weight off your own shoulders and let your calculator do some work.

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Added Bonuses

In addition to the glossary, a definite added bonus, this calculator has a few other tricks up its sleeve. CALC remembers and can recall your previous calculations. If you need to compare a previous typed expression or need a reminder on which order to type in the figures and symbols, just swipe up. The user interface is easy to use and clean, though a little dark. By upgrading to the $1.99 version, you have the option to choose among six different color schemes and have more advanced conversion options at your disposal. 


CALC Smart


Pros and Cons


  • Understands the simplest and most complicated expressions
  • Over 50 math functions available at a swipe
  • Conversions are made easy
  • Expressions are saved



  • There is nothing negative to report about this application


Final Words

This calculator is about as advanced as it gets on an iPhone or iPad. It understands the most difficult expressions and has over 50 math functions available at a single swipe. It even helps you get out of sticky spots by providing you with a glossary to better understand the functions it provides. If you are looking for more advanced conversions, you may look into upgrading to the $1.99 version, but otherwise, this app should have you covered. 


CALC Smart

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