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TinyHands Sorting 3, Educational puzzle Games for kindergarten children and preschool kids app review 2021



If you're looking for activities to do with your preschool- and Kindergarten-aged children, why not pick one with an educational spin on it?

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The TinyHands Sorting 3, Educational puzzle Games for kindergarten children and preschool kids offers up 12 immersive puzzle games for kids that they can explore and learn from.

This kindergarten app is meant specifically for your iPad which allows you to make full use of the large screen. If you’ve got a child who is three years or older this is a wonderful way to learn about counting, shapes, and colors.

Keep reading our TinyHands app review to learn more about this iPhone app for kindergarten kids. 

Toddler Games: puzzles, shapes


Keeping Kids Busy with Education

Just because your child wants a fun and engaging activity doesn't mean it has to be a mindless game. Instead, an app like this has a strong educational focus to it as kids work at classifying and sorting colors, sizes, shapes, and plenty more.

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Your child is likely already familiar with these skills so this is a way to build on them further and give them more knowledge and confidence.

As mentioned you are given 12 mini-game boards for your child to explore. The app itself has been developed with the help of certified child psychologists giving it a sense of credibility.

You know you're not being given a whole lot of fluff. This is actually the third app in the Sorting series, because they have been so wildly popular the series has continued to grow.

Keeping Kids Busy with Education image

What to Expect

Now this is the free version of the game so you have limited access. In order to unlock all the game boards you’ll need to make an in-app purchase of $2.99. Some of the skills this app is meant to enhance include concentration, sorting and classifying, vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, and visual perception.

The way the game boards work is that they are put in an order that ascends in the level of difficulty. This means your child will continue to be challenged and learn throughout.

There is a special note from the developer, which I think is a great message to get across. Although the app is completely child-friendly and kids will be able to use it on their own,  it is highly encouraged you play along with your child to capture the most benefits possible.

I have used some of the other apps in this series and been impressed with each one I must say this one lives up to the standard of the others. Gameplay is fun, immersive, and engaging with a strong focus on education.

What to Expect image

Toddler Games: puzzles, shapes


Pros and Cons


  • Child-friendly gameplay
  • Fun graphics and sounds
  • Works on a large number of skills


  • Not all game boards are unlocked
  • It may be too simple/basic for some preschoolers and Kindergarten kids

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The TinyHands Sorting 3 Educational puzzle Games for kindergarten children and preschool kids app for your iPad gives parents and kids a wonderful and fun way to share learning experiences together.

Toddler Games: puzzles, shapes

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