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Hawaiian Airlines app review: fly in style 2021



Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? If so, you may want to check out the Hawaiian Airlines app that can be used on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This useful app for your Hawaiian holiday makes it possible to book your flight, check your itinerary anytime, check on flight status and a whole lot more.

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This good appp for booking a Hawaiian vacation is all about making your travel experience as worry-free and simple as possible so that your trip is relaxing from start to finish.

You already have enough on your plate when planning a vacation so don’t let your air transportation add to the pile of worries.

Check out our Hawaiian Airlines app review to see just how easy it is to book your Hawaiian trip with the iPhone app.

Hawaiian Airlines


Making Travel Easy

If you are flying with Hawaiian Airlines or are thinking of booking with them then this app is a must-have tool for you. It can simplify the entire experience from booking to arriving at your destination.

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As stated you can use this app to actually find and then book your flight and your itinerary will then be emailed to you. View it at any time through this app and then use this app for such things as checking in from the comfort of your own home and receiving a mobile boarding pass.

You can check in through the app, check your flight schedule and status to ensure it's all on time, and add your HawaiianMiles number for the booked trip.

One thing that people really stress about when flying is their seat location. Use this app for worry-free seat selection that you can change at any time or upgrade if you like. You can even pay your baggage fees straight through the app.

Making Travel Easy image

Why the Low Score?

With all these pros and features why is it that this app scores such a low customer rating? It currently has 1.5 out of five stars with users posting a number of negative comments.

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It seems as though the app offers all these features but unfortunately many of them don't seem to be working. Not only that but the quality of the user interface, graphics, and user-friendliness are unimpressive according to comments. So what’s my experience?

While I wouldn't score this one a perfect star rating I don't think it's quite as bad as some have made it out to appear. Granted, the graphics are fairly poor, but I have seen much worse and this isn't meant to be a game or anything that requires high-quality images.

I find the content very slow to load but it does eventually show up. Overall this app could do with some fine-tuning and a lot of polishing.

Why the Low Score? image

Hawaiian Airlines


Pros and Cons


  • Check flight status and schedules
  • Check in via the app and receive a mobile boarding pass
  • Book your flight through the app
  • Choose your seat through the app in advance


  • Poor quality images/graphics
  • User interface is bland
  • Content is very slow to load
  • Many experience issues with the features and tools not working

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Hawaiian Airlines app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone could be a very useful tool for travelers but it really needs a lot of tidying up, so to speak.

Hawaiian Airlines

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