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Lifecake app review: baby journal and photo sharing



Create a virtual scrapbook of your child and record every last memory through the Lifecake app. Keep photos, videos, and text organized in a single place and return to them whenever you want. Sure as your child will grow, so will your media collection. The iPad and iPhone application makes it easy to search memories by month and year so you are never more than a few scrolls away from that snapshot of your child’s first birthday or an especially memorable trip to the zoo!

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Lifecake Family & Baby Photos


Sweet Memories

Lifecake makes it possible for you to transport every photo, video, and memory made involving your child and store them in one easy-to-access spot. The simple user interface strongly resembles applications like Facebook or Instagram. All of your media shows up in a single feed, displaying the date overhead. It provides parents with easy editing tools, preventing users from having to take a photo and edit it elsewhere before dropping it into the journal, though that option is available as well. Gone are the days of putting off photo projects and baby books. Now, you can compile every snapshot and video bit as you go!

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A Family App

With your permission, family and friends can access your virtual journal. As you add friends and relatives, your memories will grow. Grandma and Grandpa can now view all photos without having to wait on an email. As soon as you upload, they can check out your photos and videos, ‘like’ them, comment on them and more. No need to fret over Lifecake trolls. Only people you allow in will be able to see photos of your precious little one!

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Lifecake Family & Baby Photos


Pros and Cons


  • Dynamic memory book
  • Easy organizational tool
  • Simple editing capabilities
  • Sharing opportunities
  • Search by month and year


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Final Words

For keeping track of those fleeting moments, Lifecake is the best iPhone and iPad app out there. Easily upload photos and videos quickly, edit them and share them with loved ones immediately. Your child will have the most comprehensive scrapbook of all time!

Lifecake Family & Baby Photos

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