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WebMD Pregnancy app review: delivers trusted health information to expectant moms as well as fun features and tools 2021



WebMD has outdone itself once again with this compendious collection of invaluable tips and tricks for mothers-to-be, complete with a range of tracking and journaling tools that you can use on your iPhone and iPad to monitor every aspect of your pregnancy, ensuring the well-being of you and your little one.

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Every time I see the WebMD brand on an app, I always have very high hopes, and yet again they haven’t disappointed. There are a ton of great features in this app for expectant moms, which I really think you can use as your one-stop resource for all things pregnancy.

This is a fantastic pregnancy app with a lot to offer expecting moms, so it receives a very strong recommendation from me.

Keep reading our WebMD Pregnancy app review for more information and let us know if you think it's one of the best pregnancy apps for iPhone. 

WebMD Pregnancy


Ask Your Doctor the Most Important Questions

WebMD Pregnancy features an innovative Pregnancy Week by Week section which displays interactive images and animations of mom’s body, both inside and out, showing the changes and developments that are taking place as each week passes by.

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The developer clearly understands that you don’t always get the chance to ask your doctor every little question that might spring to mind, so the Ask My Doctor feature enables you to access a list of commonly-asked questions so that you can make sure nothing slips your mind during your next visit.

Ask Your Doctor the Most Important Questions image

Track Your Appointments With Ease

Speaking of doctors appointments, the Appointments section of this app enables you to keep a firm grasp on the various classes and meetings you may need to attend, catering for everything from doctor visits to prenatal yoga classes and more.

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What’s more, you can even use this app to create handy Checklists to ensure that nothing is forgotten at any stage of your pregnancy. This is great for making sure you’ve got everything you need in your hospital bag so that your labor is as smooth and relaxed as it can be.

Track Your Appointments With Ease image

WebMD Pregnancy


Pros and Cons


  • View the week-by-week changes within your body as you progress through your pregnancy
  • Watch your baby develop with interactive visual representations
  • Keep track of your Appointments
  • Create handy Checklists and reminders to ensure nothing is forgotten
  • View frequently asked questions in the Ask My Doctor section
  • Watch your bump grow each week in the Baby Belly Slideshow
  • Use the Kick Counter to keep track of those special moments
  • Time your contractions using the Contraction Tracker
  • Add photos, videos and notes to your Journal to remember those most cherished memories


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

WebMD Pregnancy is an obvious must-have iPhone and iPad app for any parents-to-be, so I would very strongly recommend checking it out if you’re in the throes of pregnancy at the moment.

There is more than enough functionality here to give you everything you need to really make the most of the experience and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

WebMD Pregnancy

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