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Crossword Clue Solver app review: a crossword dictionary in the palm of your hand 2021



One of the most frustrating things ever is when you try and solve a crossword puzzle, and you get stuck on a word. You might have to leave a gap, or you need to ask help from other people, who are not always helpful. Dutch developer Niek Dijkhuis has solved this problem by creating a crossword app Crossword Clue Solver.

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This crossword solver app for the iPhone and iPad is basically a dictionary that helps you solve crosswords in no time at all! Simply type in a hint or word and the crossword clue app will spill out possible answers. Keep reading our crossword app review for more details and to see if it's the right app for you. 

Crossword Clue Solver


How It Works

First of all, you need to be online. This is quite an annoyance, as I know many people who like to do crosswords on a plane or a bus. 3G connections will work, but will obviously slower than a Wi-Fi connection.

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The reason given is that this way the developer can keep the word database up-to-date, but how many new words get invented every day? I personally think they do it to keep the file size down. 

When connected, simply type in the hint that is in your book and a ton of possibilities will be given to you in a list. You can also specify the amount of letters if you want, but mostly this isn’t needed. 

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Are There Any Other Options?

In Crossword Clue Solver, there are no other options available at all. I can come up with a few things that are missing though. First of all, in some puzzles you don’t know the exact amount of letters.

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It would be cool if the developer could add an option where you can add three words in one search function and it will spit out the three meanings to put in one row of 10 columns.

Another great addition would be the answers to cryptic crossword puzzles as these are still missing too. Simply add a selector at the start of your search so you can separate the databases easily.

Are There Any Other Options? image

Crossword Clue Solver


Pros and Cons


  • Never get stuck on a crossword puzzle again!
  • Easy-to-use search function
  • Quick servers


  • Limited functions; I’d like to see more in future updates
  • Only available when online

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The fear of anyone like me who likes crossword puzzles is to get stuck. This fear isn’t in the past yet, as I usually do crosswords in the plane or on holidays when I don’t have Internet available. Crossword Clue Solver only works when online.

Another small annoyance is that it just has a dictionary available for normal crosswords. Cryptic ones are still missing and those are usually the hard ones! The app only takes up about 7MB, which is because there is no dictionary included in the download.

The app is available for both iPhone and iPad. The good news is that if you get stuck in a crossword when you’re on a plane, just wait until it lands and you will have your answer waiting for you.

Crossword Clue Solver

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