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Uncrate app review: a manly man’s catalog 2021



Shopping does not generally appear at the top of a man’s hobby list, but camping gear, sports cars, or bacon might. Uncrate is a catalogs app geared to appeal to men and all of their varied interest.

This iPhone catalogs app provides an impressive compilation of gadgets, cars, gear, tools, and more, and offers and an extremely easy way to purchase those items.

This app is much better than an overwhelming shopping mall and for the ladies who are looking for gift ideas (or happen to enjoy some of the cool things on the site), this is a great resource to add to your online shopping list. 

Check out our Uncrate app review to learn more about the features and functions of this top iPhone catalogs app.



Featured Products

Uncrate deems itself a “gear guide for men that’s full of stuff you never knew you wanted.” That description is pretty much spot on. Rarely does someone go in search of a cook book just for hot sauces, a Lego Mars Curiosity Rover, or body wash that smells like pine needles.

From the simple gifts to super-expensive luxury cars, Uncrate brings readers detailed information on each product and a “Buy” button that will take you directly to a site you can purchase the product from online.

Uncrate isn’t going to sell you the Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification, but it will tell you everything you want to know about it, show you the price tag, and take you directly to the necessary website to start your purchase. 

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Shopping like a man

Uncrate will not overwhelm you with pages and pages of new content, features and ads every day. In fact, it keeps it very simple. Five new products appear at the top of the app each day, with old items filling in beneath, starting from the most recently listed.

Use the tabs at the bottom of the app to search by keyword, category, popular, or to generate a random search. Each product is represented by a clear photograph of the product itself and the product name. It’s like window shopping, if everything were clearly visible from the window, and you could browse from your couch.

The descriptions provided are usually a paragraph or two long with all the necessary information and no fluff. A price tag is listed at the bottom next to a buy button. Products range from large to small, inexpensive to intensely high price tags, and everything in between.

For those who can’t find something for themselves, they are sure to find the perfect gift for even those friends and family members who tend to be the most difficult to shop for.

In order to have the best shopping experience, Uncrate undergoes regular updates to fix all bugs and glitches. 

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Pros and Cons


  • Compiles unique product list geared towards men
  • Clear photos to represent products
  • Short, concise descriptions
  • Provides price and link to buy
  • Intuitive search functions


  • There is nothing negative to report about this application

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

This catalog is different from any other out there. It takes the best gadgets, gear, and other man-targeted items it can find across the web and compiles it into a single, easy to browse, catalog.

Whether you’re just in need of some product eye-candy to build your birthday wish list, are in search of a specific item, or need to brainstorm for a gift for someone else, this is a great app to browse.

With new items guaranteed to appear every day, you are certain to find something you would have never stumbled over otherwise. 


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