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Cyber Dust app review: texts disappear, so say what you want without worry 2021



This is cyber dust app for iPhone and iPad, is a dust texting and dust messaging app between you and your friends and family that will disappear once they’ve been read, ensuring your secrets remain secret and your reputation remains untarnished. If interested in this ingenious app then keep reading our dust app review.

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This is definitely a worthy addition to the Social Networking category of the App Store so I would strongly recommend checking it out if you want to make sure no one will have any dirt to dish on you.

I’m quite pleased to say that I really have no use for an app like this, although those of you with more sensitive issues that you’d prefer to keep under wraps will definitely benefit from keeping it handy for future conversations.

Dust - a safer place to text


Keep Your Secrets Secret

Cyber Dust - Disappearing Text Messages, Photos, and Multimedia is more or less a standard, run-of-the-mill instant messaging app that can be used to replace text messaging. Of course, the benefit of this is that you won’t have to pay text messaging fees as this app uses your phone or Wi-Fi connection.

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The instant messaging component is pretty standard affair, containing options for sharing photos, and containing the usual array of stickers and emoticons that you can use to add a little extra zest to your conversations.

Keep Your Secrets Secret image

Messages Will Disappear After a Short Period of Time

The main unique selling point of this app is that once you’ve sent a message it will only be displayed for a limited amount of time before disappearing, thus ensuring that you can have in-the-moment conversations with your friends without having to worry about them coming back to bite you in the posterior.

There is also a cool Screenshot Detection feature that will tell you if the other person has managed to save a snapshot of the conversation, so either way you’ll be in the know when it comes to your otherwise squeaky clean reputation being soiled.

To avoid accidents possible to be caused due to human factor, dust messaging app automatically erases history after 24 hours. Also it has feature to delete messages from recipient device with one click in real-time.

Considering all of the abovementioned options dust texting app makes an impression of having wide range of use, from quest gaming with friends to risk related business, requiring high information security.

Before you go dishing out all your secrets to people, please make sure the other person also has Cyber Dust installed, otherwise the message deletion will not occur and you’ll find yourself in a world of trouble!

Recent updates have fixed bugs and added a blast notifications badge. 

Messages Will Disappear After a Short Period of Time image

Dust - a safer place to text


Pros and Cons


  • Standard instant messaging features for sharing photos, stickers, and emoticons
  • Messages will disappear after a limited period of time ensuring your privacy
  • Screenshot Detection tells you if the other person has saved the conversation
  • Attractively designed with iOS 7 in mind


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Cyber Dust - Disappearing Text Messages, Photos, and Multimedia is definitely a worthwhile app to keep handy on your iPhone and iPad, but please remember that for it to work effectively, you will need to make sure that the other person is also using it.

Dust - a safer place to text

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