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Astronomy Picture of the Day app review: NASA approved photos of the universe 2021



I always struggle finding a nice background for my device, and I always want a change of background once every few days. It’s hard to keep looking out for backgrounds that fit your taste, don’t over clutter your screen, and are nice to look at.

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Since I am quite interested in space and everything related to it, I like to have a nice background of a starry sky. Luckily for me, Concentric Sky has released Astronomy Picture of the Day which is a NASA approved app for space photos. 

This astronomy app for iPhone and iPad brings you the latest and best photos from infinity and beyond. Keep reading our Astronomy Picture of the Day app review for more details about this good astronomy app for iPhone. 

Astronomy Picture of the Day


A New Photo Every Day

Every day for the last few years, a photo has been made available for this app. Every day for the foreseeable future, this app will also keep adding more photos.

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Photos can range from anything like a starry sky to a zoomed-in photo of a planet. If you want to see photos of the day before, or even further in history, you can easily browse a calendar to check out different photos.

Photos can take a while to load, since they are all in high-resolution and depending on your connection, it can be quite a while to load the next one in. If you don’t want to pick a photo, you can also choose a date at random, or shake your device to load in a random photo automatically.

A New Photo Every Day image

More Features

One of my favorite things about this app is the fact that every single photo also comes with a caption. It’s not a small caption but a very long explanation of what you can see and what is happening in the photo. This makes the app educational as well interesting.

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If you really like a photo, you can easily set it as a background for your device, and even share it with your friends. The app does become quite slow after a while, as it saves all downloaded photos in a cache on your device, so after extensive use, make sure you clean out the cache.

More Features image

Astronomy Picture of the Day


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful photos
  • A great and huge backlog of images
  • Save as background or share with friends
  • Background information for every image


  • The app gets really slow after extensive use, so make sure to clear the cache

Pros and Cons image


I really like Astronomy Photo of the Day, and it really made choosing backgrounds for my device a lot easier. The information given with every picture is interesting and educational, while the option to share photos with your friends is a welcome addition.

Make sure to delete your cache once in a while, as the app can get really slow. The app is designed for iPad as well as iPhone, and requires just under 30 MB.

This of course is before you download any photos from the server. To get cool backgrounds for free and learn more about the universe, this is the free app for you!

Astronomy Picture of the Day

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