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Period Tracker ! app review: keep track of your period to better understand your bodily cycles



Despite the complexities of the menstrual cycle, this iPhone and iPad app helps make sense of it all, providing you with a single place to store your observations throughout the duration of your menstrual cycle and therefore develop a better understanding of your body.


Whether you follow the Fertility Awareness Method or simply like to geek out on human physiology, this is a very useful tool, as it features more parameters than most period tracking apps, all packaged in a colorful, thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use interface.

Period Tracker Health Calendar


Customized Tracking

When you open up Period Tracker ! for the first time, you will be asked to enter the first piece of information. Simply tap the start and, if relevant, end date of your last or current period.


You will then be taken to the home screen, where the app displays a prediction of when you should expect your subsequent periods. These dates will initially be calculated using a default 28-day cycle.


After you have entered three cycles' worth of information, the average length of your cycle as well as the duration of your period will be calculated and used to predict future period dates. This can be really helpful if you are planning vacation dates or other important events.


Enjoy Gesture-Based Navigation

One thing I really like about this app is the gesture-based navigation in the main interface. Swiping down will pull down the period log. Sweep across to flip through entries from other dates. You can also turn your phone sideways to see a graph of your period lengths over time.


An upward swipe from the main interface pulls up a list of parameters you may log such as your thoughts for the day, the nature of your flow, and your body weight. If you would like to take a visual note, you also have the option of taking a photograph for each day. What sets this app apart from its competitors is that it doesn't get you to input any redundant information.


Other trackable parameters include symptoms, temperature, weight, moods, location, and medications. If you are consistent with using these features, you might be able to spot interesting observations of your individual menstrual patterns and also help determine factors that may affect your cycle.


Period Tracker Health Calendar


Pros & Cons


  • Easily track moods, weight, temperature, medications and other symptoms throughout the menstrual cycle
  • Take photos everyday to go with the information you log
  • Enjoy lists of past and predicted period as well as fertility windows
  • Enjoy the animated backgrounds with the parallax effect, available on iOS 7
  • Get reminders for the upcoming period and fertile period
  • Use a passcode to safeguard your privacy
  • Receive notifications and optional visual cues if your period is delayed
  • View graphs for temperature, weight, moods and symptoms against the period days
  • View graphs for period duration and cycle length



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

I would say that Period Tracker ! is a must-have for all iPhone and iPad users who wish to attain a deeper understanding of their physiology as well as circumvent any inconveniences when planning events.


Period Tracker Health Calendar

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