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ClassDojo app review: a great classroom management tool for teachers to help improve their students' behavior 2021



ClassDojo app for iPhone and iPad allows teachers tp give their students positive and negative feedback on their behavior using a points-based system.

Teachers can also sign in on the website where they will be able to see all their data synced from their iPhone or iPad rteacher management app. In the meantime, parents who sign up get a chance view their child's progress in school in real-time.

Not only does this classroom manager app for teachers make for better lessons, but it also encourages students to be at their best behavior and try harder in class.

Because of the points-based system, students start viewing their classroom activities and choices as a game. Make the right choice and they get rewarded Dojo Points. Bad behavior detracts from their hard-earned Dojo Points. Let's see of this is one of the best apps for teachers.

The best iPad apps for teachers




After the 10-second process of signing up with ClassDojo, teachers can either go through a Demo lesson or create their own classroom. It is advisable to look at the Demo classroom to get an idea of how the controls work.

Once inside the classroom, teachers have four options: Start Class, Check Reports, Edit Bubbles, and Take Attendance.

The Start Class option pulls up a list of all the students where teachers can allot positive points for Being On Task, Participating, and Working Hard and negative points for Off Task, Talking Out Of Turn, and Unpreparedness.

One of the most integral aspects of a child's development is the teamwork between parents and teachers. Not only does this app work out beautifully for teachers, but parents can also sign up and view their child's progress.

The best iPad apps for teachers

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Connecting Teachers With Parents

The simple yet useful format allows teachers to keep up the pace of the lesson while still making sure they have all the data they need on the students' behavior. This makes the teachers' life very convenient when it comes to writing reports.

It also allows for spotting of trends easily in each student's output by creating beautiful graphs and images, which can be instantaneously shared with the parents.

As a parent, signing up requires you to first collect a Parent Code from your child's teacher, who will either give it to you in person or email it to you. Using this code, you can sign up to view your child's progress.

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Pros & Cons


  • Enjoy minimalist yet informative interface to allow for quick input
  • Take attendance
  • Enjoy points-based system to keep track of students' behaviors
  • Create graphs of students' progress with a few taps
  • Instantaneously share your observations with parents for all-round students development


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

ClassDojo is a very useful iPhone and iPad app which not only makes it easier for teachers to keep a track of all their students, but also allows them to liaise with the parents to ensure every child's development and well-being.


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