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Serve app review: access your American Express Serve account 2021



If you use an American Express Serve pre-paid account then this is a great banking app to keep handy on your iPhone and iPad, providing you with direct, unfettered access to your account and offering all manner of fantastic additional features to help you manage your finances a little more effectively.

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Those of you who have experience using the Serve service will likely find this iPhone app for banking to be pretty self-explanatory in the features that it offers, but you’ll also be pleased to know that the developer has done a fairly solid job of offering a mobile solution to Serve users.

This app works very smoothly and features a ton of handy tools for things like checking your transaction history and balance, and even topping up your pre-paid account with finds from your bank account or credit card.

For more details about the features and functions of this good iPhone banking app, check out our Serve app review below.



A Must-Have Resource for Serve Users

Serve has been designed to provide users of the service with a one-stop mobile resource for managing their account while on the go. This means that you can easily check up on your account balance any time, while also keeping an eye on your recent transaction history.

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You can also add funds to your Serve account by linking your other financial accounts to the service, such as your bank account, and your credit or debit card. You can also use the handy Reserve feature to set funds aside and ensure that your money is being managed wisely.

A Must-Have Resource for Serve Users image

Pay Your Bills Online With No Fees Incurred

In addition to organizing and checking your account, you can also use this app to pay your rent and other bills online, and you can create what are called QuickPay profiles to easily set up payments for the people you frequently send money to, such as your landlord or telephone service provider.

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One of my favorite aspects of this app, and the service as a whole, is that there are no fees incurred for sending payments online. This is somewhat uncommon with this kind of service and I imagine that American Express has the financial leverage to offer such a great service, given their size and scope.

This is definitely something to be taken advantage of, in my opinion, so if you have a Serve account or you need a reliable way of sending and receiving money while you’re out and about, you would be wise to consider checking out this app.

Earlier this year, the app underwent an overhaul to its design and user experience with new features, tweaks under the hood and more. Since then, the developers constantly address any bugs that come up. 

Pay Your Bills Online With No Fees Incurred image



Pros and Cons


  • Add money to your Serve account by linking your bank account and credit or debit cards
  • Check your Serve account balance and transaction history
  • Set funds aside with the handy Reserve feature
  • Easily pay your bills online with no fees incurred
  • Use QuickPay profiles for the people you send money to most frequently 


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Serve is a highly effective iPhone and iPad app, and it has certainly made a fantastic addition to the Finance category of the App Store. Go check it out today and get Served!


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