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Gadget Flow app review: it's all about the gadgets 2021



Are you a sucker for gadgets? Do you want to know the latest and greatest tech item the moment it comes out? The Gadget Flow app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone acts as a buyer's guide for all things gadget-related.

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It's here in this iPhone gadgets app where you can view all the latest and coolest must-have items. What's really great about the gadgets app is that it saves you the hassle of having to search online at a number of spots just to come up with a list of what's hot and new. Instead you can find it all in one handy location.

Learn more about the features and functions of this top iPhone app for gadgets by reading our Gadget Flow app review below.

Gadget Flow - Discover & Shop


What You Can Find

So what can you expect to find in this app? Actually, it's more like what won't you find, because that list would be smaller! This app offers over 2,500 handpicked gadgets that will have your jaw dropping. There's a good chance you'll find way more than you bargained for!

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To make the browsing experience smoother and faster the gadgets are divided into over 14 different categories. This is great of course for finding a cool gadget for yourself but is also ideal for gift ideas for that hard to buy for person in your life.

Now this isn't just about giving you the ability to browse and dream about these cool gadgets; you can also buy them without having to waste your time shopping around. Many have come with virtual-reality headgear

Additional Features

There are quite a few cool features to be found in this app including the ability to share gadgets with friends and family by Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, and Pinterest. As well in this latest version of the app there were a number of bug fixes to give users a smoother, faster, and better overall experience.

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It's easy to find yourself completely immersed in this app because it feels like one gadget just leads to the next and before you know it, you have a wish list that is massive.

Despite the fact the app has a very high customer rating there are some critiques from users such as the fact that the app still seems to freeze, crash, and is just generally slow.

A few people have commented on the fact that there needs to be a wish list or the ability to favorite items, which seems logical in an app like this. You may come across an item you really like but aren’t ready to buy it at this time. It would be nice not to have to go through the whole search process again when you are ready to purchase it.

Additional Features image

Gadget Flow - Discover & Shop


Pros and Cons


  • Browse through a huge database of new and cool gadgets
  • Gadgets are divided into categories to make browsing easier and faster
  • Share items with friends and family by social networks, email, and SMS


  • The app is known to crash and freeze
  • There is no wish list or favorite feature

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Gadget Flow app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides you with a quick and easy way to find all the latest and coolest gadgets out there. There are a few issues the app suffers from which hopefully will be addressed in future updates.

Gadget Flow - Discover & Shop

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