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All About History app review: a magazine with all the background about history! 2021



It’s a lot easier to fill a magazine about history than filling one about the future. History has already happened, and tons of information is readily available on the Internet for free. This is the reason why there are more magazines about science than about history.

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This is too bad, since after having a look at All About History iPhone history by Imagine Publishing, my eyes have been opened and I can’t stop reading about all the minute details that this magazine has to offer. This history app is available in the Apple Newsstand.

For more information about this good history app for iPhone and iPad, check out our All About History app review below.

All About History Magazine: From ancient times to World War 2 and beyond


Fantastic lay out and high resolution photos

Since I am only a poor app reviewer, I only checked out the free test issue that the app offers. I have to say that if I am going to spend money on a magazine, it would probably be this one. The layout of the magazine looks like it has been done by the best in the world and the photos and images (mostly images, as most of what the magazine covers is from before camera were invented) are in beautiful high-resolution.

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All pages are fully zoomable and supply extra information about the period in time the article covers. The magazine doesn’t follow a specific timeline or location, so expect an explanation of Napoleonic soldiers next to more information about the Mayan empire.

Fantastic lay out and high resolution photos image

Missed opportunities

It’s not only praise I have about this magazine, as I have to let out some small issues I have that a huge publisher like Imagine Publishing could easily solve.

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What really strikes me is that with such an explorable topic, that Imagine has decided to make this a simple PDF scan of the magazine that you can get in any store. I wish they would have made the magazine more interactive, so when I tap on a subject that really interests me, I could get more information and background information that I’m sure Imagine has on stock somewhere.

The sharing feature isn’t particularly good either, as you can just share the app and none of its contents.

Missed opportunities image

All About History Magazine: From ancient times to World War 2 and beyond


Pros and Cons


  • A beautifully designed magazine
  • A topic that isn’t explored enough in media
  • There is a lot to learn about our past


  • No interactivity whatsoever, which is a bit lazy
  • You can share the app, but not its contents

Pros and Cons image


Definitely the best magazine in its niche, All About History is very faithful to its name. The magazine is beautifully laid-out and the pages are all in high resolution. I would have loved to see some interactivity here, but maybe that is more something for the future.

With so much to learn from our past and so many things that we can apply to today’s life, I can’t believe there aren’t more magazines like this available. The app is made compatible with both iPad and iPhone and requires just over 21 MB.      


All About History Magazine: From ancient times to World War 2 and beyond

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