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JustUnfollow app review: a powerful Twitter and Instagram unfollow and follow tracker



Finally, a follower management tool that caters to both Twitter and Instagram users in a single convenient interface! With this handy app on your iPhone and iPad you’ll never again have to wonder who has been unfollowing you: a must-have for all you social media junkies out there!

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I’m not a particularly big user of social media sites beyond Facebook, so to my mind the biggest application of a tool such as this would be more in the context of marketing campaigns. I imagine this app to be a great way of determining the retention rate of your followers based on your posts.

Either way, JustUnfollow is definitely a decent development with plenty to offer, so to put it as aptly as possible: JustDownload!

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Here's One For All You Tweenstagrammers!

From what I’ve seen of comparable apps, JustUnfollow - Twitter & Instagram Management App doesn’t really offer much beyond what you’ll typically find in similar developments within the genre, but where it really differs is that you can manage your Twitter and Instagram accounts from one place.

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I’m also very pleased to see that you can manage multiple accounts from this app. I’ve seen a couple of examples of developers actually featuring this as an additional in-app purchase, so I’m glad to see this offered as standard.


Get the Inside Scoop On Your Followers

In terms of the kind of information you’ll be able to access, it will of course differ slightly between Twitter and Instagram but some of the more basic data includes people who have followed and unfollowed you, as well as people your followers who haven’t been active in recent months.

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You can also see things like people whom you are following but who are not following you back, and vice versa. Furthermore, you’ll receive a Push notification once a day that will keep you in the loop of any new followers and unfollowers.

As if this wasn’t enough, there are tons of analytical tools you can use to track and tweet your stats, and you can also perform a Friend Check to view the details of your relationship with other Twitter users, so you’re sure to find some curious information here!


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Pros and Cons


  • Track your Twitter and Instagram followers and unfollowers from a single app
  • Send automatic welcome messages to your newest followers
  • View details of your relationships with other Twitter users
  • View your inactive followers and people whom you have followed but who are not following you back



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

JustUnfollow - Twitter & Instagram Management App is definitely one of the better iPhone and iPad apps of its kind that I’ve come across.

Many developments in this genre offer the bare minimum level of functionality and then require you to purchase add-on features, but the free version of this app alone has more than enough to provide some very interesting insights.


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