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WCVB app review: Boston's leading free source for all things news-related-2021



Packaged into a polished and fool-proof interface of your iPhone or iPad, WCVB is perhaps the best news app for people in the Boston area. Stay up-to-date on the recent and breaking news, sports, weather, politics, and many more areas of interest.

The best magazine apps for iPad

It seems like the developer, Hearst Television, has taken onboard the criticism provided by users on older versions of the breaking news app and fixed the little bugs such as video crashes, weather bookmarks, and comment time-stamps.

Evolution and constantly improving ourselves is the key to producing great results and I feel Hearst Television has done that beautifully, making the user experience a rather delightful one.

WCVB news app runs on devices with iOS 13.0 or later with support of up to iOS 14.0 and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This local news app will need 102.5 MB of free memory space on your mobile device to download and install.

Check out our WCVB app review for more details and stop by our best news apps list for more great choices.

WCVB NewsCenter 5 - Breaking news and weather for Boston


News & Weather

Upon opening WCVB - Boston Free Breaking News, weather source for the first time, you will be taken to the home screen with a list of the top news stories including a banner at the top with the most urgent breaking news. The list has time stamps for all news stories to give you an idea of when each news article was published.

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The very top of the app interface has a side-scrolling bar with the different categories of WCVB stories, such as National, Politics, and Sports to help users quickly skim through sections which interest them.

The bottom panel has five options: News, Weather, Pics & Video, u local, and Settings. By default, you are already in the News section. Tapping on Weather changes the side-scrolling menu bar at the top to include weather-related option such as Overview, Forecast, and Radar.

The radar is an interactive feature which enables users to zoom in and out using gesture-based actions such as pinching to zoom out of the map.

News & Weather image

Well Thought-Out Features

When you enable Push Notifications for WCVB NewsCenter 5, you will receive alerts each time a new story is published. This means you will be the first of your friends and family to hear about any and all news events in the Boston area.

The best news apps for iPad-2021

If you find an alert particularly interesting, you can find out more by opening up the live newscast as the event is happening.

Through WCVB, you can send in your own news stories whether its breaking news, news tips, or photos. This content is then sifted at the WCVB NewsCenter 5 and selected stories are then put on air!Furthermore, in this digital age, you can start a dialogue by commenting on articles that matter to you, as well as share those stories with your near and dear ones using social media.

The only small complaint I have is that this app doesn't include enough International News stories, which will keep the Boston public from staying informed on worldwide occurrences.

Well Thought-Out Features image

WCVB NewsCenter 5 - Breaking news and weather for Boston


Pros & Cons


  • Receive the latest national as well as local news
  • Enable push notifications to receive breaking news alerts as they are published
  • Follow stories which interest you on the live streamcast
  • Read other locals' opinions on articles and comment with your own opinions
  • Get hourly, daily, or weekly weather forecasts


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

WCVB - Boston free breaking news, weather source is a must-have for all those who reside in the Boston area. Download it to your iPhone or iPad for free and be the first to know about every news event on a local as well as national level.

WCVB NewsCenter 5 - Breaking news and weather for Boston

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