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Colorado Snow Report app review: plan your visit



If you live in Colorado or plan on visiting the state to do a little skiing and snowboarding we've got an app that will help with your planning. The Colorado Snow Report app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides you with a five-day snow forecast that is filled with details. These forecasts are provided by and are free and fast to access. Keep in mind this app is specifically for snow conditions in the state of Colorado.

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Colorado Snow Report


Free and Quick Snow Reports

This app is all about providing users with quick and free access to in-depth snow reports for Colorado. You can view up to five days’ worth of weather information, which can definitely help you plan your outdoor activities. The app is perfect for those who live in Colorado and ski on a regular basis plus those planning to visit the state for some outdoor fun on the slopes.

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In the app you will find information on Colorado's ski and riding resorts. There are 26 of these resorts in total. You will be able to view the past three snowfalls and the five-day forecast, which gives you enough information to plan your visit. All of the data you will find here is provided by the resorts and the information usually comes in around 6 AM each day. If a resort is late getting its information in it will show up as "No Report" and stay that way until the report comes in.


Colorado Snow Report screenshot 1
Colorado Snow Report screenshot 1

Additional Useful Features

Besides the snow report and weather conditions you will also find a link to the resorts, the ability to call them by a one-touch button, and webcams when available. The snow report information covers such details as the number of lifts open, the number of trails open, the surface conditions, the percent of snow, the base depth, and how much new snow has fallen in the last 24 hours. This information can really determine if you plan to hit the slopes or pick another day.

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Despite the information provided the app scores a mediocre customer rating. The user interface is rather unimpressive here. While you can navigate through the app just fine there is nothing interesting or engaging about it. Unfortunately due to its rather lackluster look you end up not feeling very interested in what it has to offer. I do like that the moment you launch the app you are given a list of the resorts that displays clearly how much new snow has accumulated in 24 hours. It allows you to get at-a-glance information in a rush.


Colorado Snow Report screenshot 2
Colorado Snow Report screenshot 2

Colorado Snow Report


Pros and Cons


  • Launch the app to view a list of resorts with the new snow posted next to the name
  • Find information on the ski resorts such as weather details, its hours, webcams, and more
  • Can be used to plan your visit to the slopes



  • The graphics are very poor
  • The user interface is dull


Colorado Snow Report screenshot 3
Colorado Snow Report screenshot 3

Final Thoughts

The Colorado Snow Report app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides you with a quick way of accessing all the latest snow details from 26 Colorado resorts.

Colorado Snow Report

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