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Animate Me app review: animate your own photos-2021



Have you thought about what it would be like to animate your own video or animate your own pictures? If yes, then the animate me app is a great choice to animated photos in iPhone devices and videos too. 

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Through this iPhone photo editing app, you can use your own photos to make hilarious videos of yourself and anything or anyone else. The Animate Me app is able to animate multiple characters so you can really make something unique and entertaining. 

If you’re an anime fan, use one of these free manga drawing software that can also be used to create comics.

This good photo editing app for iPhone and iPad makes it easy and fun to create funny video messages. In just a few steps you can animate your own video with your friends, your pet or anything you want using well-known quotes, sounds and one-liners. 

Recently, developers added some new great features including improved GIF support, added some control functions for GIF tools, improved face detection, adding photo booth props and images, fixed bugs and more!

For more details on this photo editing app, keep reading our Animate Me app review below. When finished, check out our best animation apps list for more great options. 

Animate Me - Funny Video Maker


Bring Your Photos to Life

Here’s a fun and creative way to bring your photos to life. With this app you can take your rather dull photos and transform them into videos that will have you and your family members in stitches.

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There are sounds you can add, stickers and items, make conversations, reorder sounds, it just goes on and on. And, as mentioned, you can animate multiple characters.

Of course you'll have fun checking out the videos after. But, what fun is it if you can't share it with your friends? That's why the app makes it easy to share your results as you're able to save the video to your Camera Roll and email it.

If you’d rather, you can also share your video on YouTube and/or Facebook. The app makes it possible to create parodies, funny ecards, pranks, and make your own viral video.

Bring Your Photos to Life image

Creating your Animated Video

What I really appreciate about this app is the ease of use. With almost no instructions needed you are easily and quickly able to create an animated video. You begin by picking a photo of yours then you need to trace the head so the app knows what to animate.

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You also do this for the person’s mouth so it can move. Add as many people as you want, use a family pet, a favorite stuffed animal, or anything you feel like animating.

In the latest updates of the app you will find the new features to mix / play characters together (speak together). You can now group selected characters together to speak together, or even say different things at the same time (audio mixing). Animate pictures and photos on your iPhone with fun and easily.

There are a few cute items you can add to the photo such as a hat or mustache then it’s time to add a sound effect. Again there are a few to choose from.

The last step is to allow the app to animate your photo and create a cute video. While the free version doesn’t give you a ton of options and features it gives you enough to get a feel for how it works.

Creating your Animated Video image

Animate Me - Funny Video Maker


Pros and Cons


  • Very user-friendly and quick to use
  • Use photos from your album, Facebook, or take one from within the app
  • Animate multiple characters
  • Add cute features and sounds to the photo
  • Share your video by email, Facebook, or YouTube


  • There are limited features available for free

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Animate Me app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone will certainly give you and your friends a good laugh with this cute offering. Enjoy animating your photos and videos like never before. 

Animate Me - Funny Video Maker

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