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System Status app review: the ultimate app for monitoring and optimizing your iPhone and iPad performance



This is a truly comprehensive app that will let you know all about the system resources and operating system information on your iPhone and iPad, enabling you to optimize and streamline your device so that it will run faster than ever before.

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I think that this is a great idea for an app, and one that has left me geeking out in a big way while looking over all of the data analytics. It’s interesting to see exactly how much memory is being used by which operations within iOS, and quite alarming to see how many system resources are going to waste! 

System Status Pro: hw monitor


Monitor Your System Resources With Ease

As the name would suggest, System Status - activity monitor, network info, battery charge & memory manager enables you to access a detailed breakdown of various aspects of the operations occurring within your iPhone and iPad, with the hope that you’ll be able to optimize the system to some extent.

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First off, you can view a graphical display of wired, active, inactive, and free memory, all presented in a real-time format. You can also see a cool rundown of exactly how many files are on your device, including further information such as songs and videos, and even artist and genre information.

The battery monitoring is a very useful feature for me because I find that my iPhone 4 battery drains way faster than it ought to. It’s interesting to see the estimated work times based on things like standby, audio playback, and web browser usage.


System Status screenshot 1
System Status screenshot 1

View Detailed Network Information

You can also use this app to view detailed information regarding available Wi-Fi networks, as well as the current IP address of the network you’re connected to and your external IP address. You can also view DNS server information and a breakdown of all of the data going in and out of your device.

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Perhaps the most interesting section to my mind is the process and CPU monitoring. I say this because I’ve noticed that my iPhone 4 has slowed down significantly over the past couple of years, regardless of how much data I attempt to free up.

It’s really quite enlightening to see all of the processes that are running and how much of the CPU is being utilized at any given moment.


System Status screenshot 2
System Status screenshot 2

System Status Pro: hw monitor


Pros and Cons


  • View detailed information on estimated battery work times under certain scenarios
  • View process and CPU monitoring information to see which system resources are being utilized
  • Access tons of Wi-Fi, cellular, and DNS server information
  • View a real-time graphical display of wired, active, inactive, and free memory



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


System Status screenshot 3
System Status screenshot 3

Final Words

System Status - activity monitor, network info, battery charge & memory manager is one iPhone and iPad app that I would definitely recommend to any of you who have even a basic understanding of the kind of information on offer as I think you’ll likely find it to be quite enlightening.


System Status Pro: hw monitor

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