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iFeltThat Earthquake app review: the world's most comprehensive guide and database for information pertaining to earthquakes



An innovative and exciting iPhone and iPad app, iFeltThat Earthquake will help you find out whether or not those tremors you felt were really caused by an earthquake or if they were just a figment of your overactive imagination.

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With this app, you can find out just how big or small any given earthquake was, and exactly where it happened. For under a dollar, this is a pretty amusing and app which could perhaps turn out to be useful when you want to save face for running amok after feeling the earth move when your friends and family stand there looking at you as though you have lost your mind.

iFeltThat Earthquake


Reliable Information

Jokes aside, iFeltThat Earthquake is indeed a very comprehensive app, producing information which has been collected by official USGS sources. Covering most U.S. regions, this app will show you seven days' worth of activity including microquakes with magnitudes of over 1.0.

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You can view the earthquakes in two modes: List or Map. The List mode not only tells you the magnitude of the event, but will also give you specific locations. For instance, the location wouldn't be given as “Northern Texas," rather, it would say “5 miles NW of Austin, TX.”

You may also switch to the Map view to get access to regional maps pointing out zones with seismic activity. Additionally, you can use the Nearby feature, which will enable My Location services. After zeroing in on your location, this app will turn it into a Center Point. You may also add other Center Points such as the location of your friends and family. This enables you to keep an eye out for any activity upwards of 1.0 on the Richter Scale within the U.S. and over 4.5 elsewhere in the world.

This app is not limited to U.S. states only. It also shows tectonic plate shifts from all over the world.


iFeltThat Earthquake screenshot 1
iFeltThat Earthquake screenshot 1

Monitor The World

The interface is very clean and organized, with maps that are gesture-based such as pinch-to-zoom and holding down to drag. You can also tap Newer and Older buttons in order to quickly go from quake to quake in chronological order of their occurrence.

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If you wish to warn or inform someone of an event, you can simply send an email from within the app which will include information, a screenshot of the event detail, and links.

One earthquake may have brought you to iFeltThat. You'll be so intrigued monitoring unexpected earth movements near you and around the world that you may find yourself using IFeltThat more often than you check the weather or news.


iFeltThat Earthquake screenshot 2
iFeltThat Earthquake screenshot 2

iFeltThat Earthquake


Pros & Cons


  • View earthquake information retrieved from USGS
  • Choose between a list or map view of the past seven days' worth of activities
  • Keep track of certain areas using Center Points
  • Enjoy a clean and easy-to-use interface



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


iFeltThat Earthquake screenshot  3
iFeltThat Earthquake screenshot 3

Final Words

I must admit, I thought it was amusing that this app even exists because it's not like earthquakes can be predicted, and most of the activity would have been very low, encouraging fear-mongering. However, I have found myself sort of addicted to iFeltThat Earthquake and recommend it to those who are seismologically inclined.


iFeltThat Earthquake

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