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Rhymer's Block app review: capture inspiration when it happens



If you're a writer, lyricist, or poet then you know that inspiration can hit you at any time and any place. The key with these ideas hitting you is to capture them when they happen but that's not always convenient. The Rhymer's Block app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to act as a tool that ensures you can capture the inspiration when it hits quickly and in a simple manner. You can then refer back to the app when you are ready to move on with your creation and go back to the ideas and thoughts you captured at those moments.

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Rhymer's Block - Rap / Poetry Writer and Rhyme Engine


Work Through Writer's Block

Writer's block is something that will hit all writers at some point and it can be a very frustrating experience. This app gives you the ability to keep a collection of ideas handy that will help you through those blocks and provide you with the inspiration you need in order to keep creating. It's the same idea as carrying a notebook with you but this is a much more convenient option. There is no need to store your book in a bag or purse; instead, it's all stored in your mobile device and ready for you to use at any time.

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This app is a brand-new release and requires iOS 7.0. As of right now it is enjoying a five star rating from customers, giving it a very impressive start. Users love that you can just jot down ideas as they hit, in a simple and inconspicuous manner.


Rhymer's Block screenshot 1
Rhymer's Block screenshot 1

Using the App

As mentioned there is a big focus on making this app simple and user-friendly. This is done in order to encourage you to keep jotting down ideas and to make it possible for you to do so even if you’re in a hurry. Using the app requires just a few short steps, four to be exact, and then you will find all your ideas are automatically sent to the cloud. This means you never have to fear about your thoughts and ideas being lost. This is another advantage over a traditional notebook you would carry around with you.

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While the app is of course meant for jotting down ideas, it also offers a number of other cool features such as being able to help you find a word to rhyme with any word out there. There is real-time rhyme suggestions offered, a word frequency analysis, the ability to work offline, and so much more.


Rhymer's Block screenshot 2
Rhymer's Block screenshot 2

Rhymer's Block - Rap / Poetry Writer and Rhyme Engine


Pros and Cons


  • Use the app to jot down ideas
  • Offers quick and easy navigation and use
  • Offers real-time rhyming suggestions
  • Work is automatically saved to the cloud



  • Some users have issues with the app crashing
  • The user interface is a bit disappointing, as it could be a bit more sleek


Rhymer's Block screenshot 3
Rhymer's Block screenshot 3

Final Thoughts

The Rhymer’s Block app for your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad gives you a way to jot down your ideas and thoughts any time you like and provides you with a number of tools and features to make rhyming easy.

Rhymer's Block - Rap / Poetry Writer and Rhyme Engine

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