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Listen app review: a gesture-based music experience 2021



Do you enjoy listening to music on your mobile device? If you're looking for a cool and fluid experience you may want to check out Listen for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.

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This muisic control app for iPhone and iPad uses gesture functionality rather than your traditional buttons. What this means is that you can control your music even if you aren’t actually looking at the screen.

This comes in especially handy when you are busy working out, commuting, cooking, or performing other activities. You can literally control everything about this cool music player for iPhone with quick and simple gestures.

Let's dig deeper into all that it has to offer through our Listen app review. Let us know what you think of this good iPhone app for listening to music. 

Listen: Gesture Music Player


Keeping Your Hands Free

If you need to be able to go about your business and not have your hands occupied scrolling through playlists and music, then this app offers a good option for you. Simply gesture to control what you want the app to do, such as swiping left to right. By doing this you will change tracks.

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And don't worry, the app isn't overly finicky so the gestures don't need to be 100 percent precise in order to register. The app uses portrait mode and is able to stream your music live through AirPlay. You can also share what you’re listening to with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and by email.

In the app's recent update a number of enhancements were made: two-finger scrubbing and volume control were added, the app got a better search tool, you got better recognition of your gestures, the devleoper made some bug fixes, and the library loads better than before. 

Keeping Your Hands Free image

Gesture through Your Music

You can do more than just move through tracks by gesturing; you can also pause, play, add songs to your favorites playlist, and view your playlist. The app boasts "seamless music library navigation," giving you access to all your favorite tunes, you are able to turn off the auto-lock, and there is a search tool that can be used to look through your media library.

There are a few comments from users asking for a bit more details and features to be added just to give it a better overall feel. I agree with the users that there are still some features missing and maybe some user-friendly aspects that have been overlooked. Perhaps these will be addressed in upcoming updates.

Gesture through Your Music image

Listen: Gesture Music Player


Pros and Cons


  • Uses gesture control to work your music so your hands can be free
  • Gestures don’t have to be precise
  • Access your music library from within the app
  • Share what you’re listening to by email, Facebook, and Twitter


  • The user interface could do with more polishing and a bit more thought
  • The feature list feels as though it could do with even more expanding

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Listen app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives users a fun and easy way to listen to their music so that their hands stay free.

Listen: Gesture Music Player

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