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Mextures app review: take your photo-editing options to the next level-2021



Whether you wish to impart a lovely black-and-white gradient to your image or turn it into a dusty-looking sepia to give it a vintage feel, now all you need is an iPhone or iPad and under two dollars to spare for this photo editing app.

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Mextures is a wonderful and unique iPad and iPhone photo editor app which lets you apply film grain, textures, light leaks, and gradients to your photographs in just a couple of taps. It's a simple, but powerful way to edit photos with this app.

This app has gained so much popularity, that it was featured on Cosmopolitan, Mashable, CNET, uncrate, iPhoneography, AppAdvice, Fstoppers, and Cult of Mac to name a few. Check out our Mextures app review for more details on why this could be the app for you.



Limpid Layering

Mextures has a unique collection of over 80 high-res textures, which were designed by photographers to help other photographers. Produced from real 35mm film scans using different cameras and several other natural, real elements, the Mexture textures are perfect if you want to give you a feel of real, old-school photography.

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Not only can you use any of these 80+ textures to enhance your image, but you can also layer them on top of one another. These layers have adjustable opacity, positioning, hiding, and rotating options, which, when manipulated, can be viewed in real time to allow you to see what you are doing with your photograph without having to apply the effect and then using the undo button.

Limpid Layering image

Formulae And Fine-Tuning

Speaking of the Undo button, Mextures has thankfully done away with this tedious function and replaced it with a brand-new function which allows you to work in layers. These layers can be rotated, the texture can be changed, and blend mode activated, even if it was done several steps ago.

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If you have used a unique blend of textures to create a style that you feel is yours, that you would like to use in the future, you may also save that customized style as a Formula for quick application in new photographs.

Save and share as many formulas as you’d like and evolve a style that’s completely yours with this photo editing app. And new in Mextures 2.0, a formula manager of the photo editor app allows you to import formulas from other users.

The only drawback I see is that this app doesn't give you full control over tweaks such as aperture, sharpness, or temperature. Some users who are just starting out photo-editing may not find this to be a drawback, and may conversely see it as an advantage, but advanced photo-editors would likely miss the ability to fine-tune these settings.

Formulae And Fine-Tuning image



Pros & Cons


  • Choose from 80+ unique textures
  • Work in layers, adding, removing, rotating and adjusting any layer at any time
  • Edit any layer at any time without having to undo several steps
  • Save your favorite blends of textures as Formulae.


  • Users don't get full control over certain basic settings like sharpness and temperature

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Mextures is a great photo-editing app for the iPhone and iPad, as it lets you quickly and efficiently apply beautiful textures to your photos. If you are after an app that lets you fine-tune certain settings, then this app may not be for you. However, it is one of the better photo edit apps for iPhone and iPad users just starting out using apps like this.


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