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Word Search + app review: test your skills 2021



If you're looking for an easy-to-understand iPhone word search game to play on your mobile device word searches are always a great option. The Word Search + app can be used on your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone and provides you with the simple and classic word search challenge.

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What sets this word search app apart from the pack is that it also offers trivia so you can actually learn a little something while playing this addictive game. All you have to do is click on a work and you'll be given details about it.

Keep reading our Word Search+ app review to see if this is one of the best word search apps for iPhone and iPad users. 

Word Search +


Seek and You Will Find

Word search puzzles are simple in their gameplay nature. You are given a game board with letters, a list of words to find, and then you can begin. While this app certainly adopts this process it also features more such as the ability to choose your font, pen color, and even the background.

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While many word searches rely on a computer to generate the word lists, all the ones in this app have been created by a real person so that it doesn't feel so generic and dull.

Despite the fact this app hasn't been updated in quite a while it still generates some incredibly high customer rating scores, sitting at 4.5 stars. In its last update some tweaks were made to the app, giving the user more gameplay options and a better, smoother experience.

Seek and You Will Find image

Personalizing Your Gameplay

As noted you do have some personalization features, and you can change these up each time you play or find a favorite and stick with it. There are 4,000 words to find in 16 categories. Should you upgrade to the full version you'll be given 100 categories.

There are five different puzzle sizes, the app is able to track your record times, and there is even a helpful SAT vocabulary category that features over 4,000 words. For students this feature alone often makes this app a winner.

I am a sucker for word searches so this one definitely captured my attention and I must say it doesn’t disappoint. The user interface is extremely simple and yet beautiful at the same time. Everything feels uncluttered and clean and the puzzles themselves offer just the right amount of challenge.

When you launch the app you get to set up the game board how you like and then you are ready to begin. The only negative is that I find the app to be extremely sensitive so it’s sometimes hard to select the letters in the word properly.

Personalizing Your Gameplay image

Word Search +


Pros and Cons


  • A wide selection of word lists
  • A variety of customization features
  • The ability to select your level of difficulty
  • Tap on a word to find details about it


  • The app can be over-sensitive
  • The free version only has 16 categories

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Word Search + app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides you with that mental challenge you may be looking for, complete with some customization options and features.

Word Search +

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